The Cattle Exchange Spring Sales summary

Cattle Exchange Spring Sales summary

Dave Rama of The Cattle Exchange has had quite the busy spring! From consignment sales to dispersals, he’s been at them all! 

Triple Oak Farms Milking Herd & Bred Heifer Dispersal
The Triple Oak Farms Milking Herd and Bred Heifer Holstein Dispersal on Saturday, April 14, 2018 in Eden, NY was a rousing success, averaging $1,628.00 on 167 full lots. Sale owners, John and Kenneth Kappus bred a tremendous registered Holstein herd boasting a herd average of 26,122M 976F 816P.  This free stall/parlor trained herd saw 32 lots sell for $2,000.00 or higher with lot 1917 topping the sale at $2,900.00. Sired by Lauthority, she sold to C & J Dairy of Delvan, NY milking 147 pounds, fresh, with second calf from a GP-80 Toystory dam.  C & J Dairy also purchased lot 2007 for $2,700.00, a fresh Crackholm Fever daughter from a VG Sanchez dam.  Lot 1797 by Stanley Cup, classified VG-87, sold for $2,700.00 to Chris Fredericks of Little Falls, NY, milking 118 pounds.  C & J Dairy and Chris Fredericks certainly know quality when they see it!  Cattle sold to NY, PA, OH and MI.  Kenneth is undergoing some major health issues and we wish him the very best! The Kappus family were excellent people to work with and a good crowd was in attendance. A big thanks to the crew getting cattle ready and for setting up and tearing down for the sale.  We loaded equipment covered in ice the next day adding to all the fun!

The Girls of Gorwood-D Dispersal – Sale Page
The Girls of Gorwood-D Dispersal held on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 was co-managed with Daniel Brandt Pedigrees.  On a very cold, snowy, blustery day in Mansfield, PA, the tent was packed with over 450 people attending to support the highly regarded, Ron Wood, a former Holstein director and mentor to many in the industry.  Ron has endured some serious health issues for several years and finally facing surgery, he determined he must sell the herd. Topping the sale for $4,200.00. was lot 1, an EX-91 Destry, fresh in September, selling ready to flush or breed.  She was a 4thgeneration EX from the world famous “Roberta Rockman” family. She sold to William P. Smith of Reynoldsville, PA. Second high of the day was lot 32, an EX-90 Durable daughter, sixth generation EX five year old due back in August. She carried a lovely udder and sold to Mossy’s Holsteins or Rockwood, PA.  Perry Messer of Northampton, MA took home lot 114 for $3,700.00, an EX-91, four year old Gold Digger from a 3E-94 Damion.  Cattle sold to 6 different states.

This tremendous herd carried some of the deepest cow families you can find in the breed with generations of EX and VG dams.  The entire sale from oldest cow to three-month calves averaged $1,315.00 on 205 full lots.  62 head in the sale were sired by Gorwood sires which is quite impressive.  Buyers were able to pick up some great pedigreed cows for bargain prices that had been open for a while, due to Ron’s health issues and labor problems and these cattle should breed on!

The crew handling fitting and preparations for the sale did a fabulous job under extreme conditions.  I thank all our help for going above and beyond. Special thanks to Jared & Marsha Burleigh as they came and assisted with several milking after some additional farm labor issues were thrown into the mix!  Burleigh’s are the greatest!  Thanks to all the friends and neighbors that assisted Ron the week of the sale to catch up on what extra farm work there was. To John Cooper & Warren Post who had given Ron much of their time prior to the sale, you guys excelled!  It was a sale to remember.  Wishing Ron Wood a speedy recovery.

Progress of Pen-Col
The Progress of Pen-Col Sale held on April 21, 2018 in Millville, PA averaged $3,572.00 on 82 full lots for a gross of $307,310.00.  Topping the sale was lot 3 selling for $30,000.00 to Welcome Stock Farm in NY.  Sired by S-S-I Modesty Marquee-ET, born 12-1-17 she boasted a GTPI +2802 +$965NM and her dam sired by Delta sold as lot 2 for $11,000.00 to Joe Krall of Lebanon, PA and she looked fantastic!  Second high seller of the day was lot 12 selling to Duane & Marilyn Hershey of Cochranville, PA for $25,000.00.  This lovely Pinnacle daughter born 12-1-17 carried a GTPI +2802 +$959NM from a Delta dam due in June.  Sexing Technologies purchased lot 26 for $21,200.00., a flashy Modesty daughter born 7-1-17 carrying a GTPI +2802 +$944NM from a Silver dam.

It snowed the day before the sale but the sun was shining sale day. It was a light crowd and the milk cows were dirt cheap in my opinion.  We did sell 35 Modesty daughters in the sale which might be a new world record with many being full sisters under five months of age and 13 Jedi daughters.  Cowbuyer was very active as well as all the sale staff carrying multiple bids for people across the U.S. and Canada.  Cattle sold to 9 states and Canada.
Congrats to Dennis and Josey Wolff.  They are great friends and Dennis is running for Congress.  We wholeheartedly endorse Dennis and ask that you support his campaign in any way possible!  Send a farmer to Washington!!

Rocklan Holsteins Complete Dispersal – Sale Page
April 25, 2018 will be a day to remember for all that attended the incredible Rocklan Holstein Complete Dispersal for owners Mike and Marlene Garrow. Attendees were in awe of this herd which boasted a BAA of 114.4% and looked every bit the part sale day.  A big crowd was on hand to buy, bid or witness 155 lots sell for a total of $565,200.00 and an average of $4,325.00 on 128 full lots.  Cattle sold to 15 different states and several Canadian Provinces as this herd captivated every breeders attention!  Topping the sale at $28,000.00 was lot 33, selling to Izzy Bohrer of Walkersville, MD.  A smashing fresh Atwood 4yr old already scored EX-92 and an 8thgeneration EX from the world famous “Elegance” family!   Bidding was fierce, and we expect to see her at this years major shows!  Second high and a cow I hope I get to sell one more time someday, was lot 44, Lylehaven Atwood Lylly (2E-95), due in June carrying a Beemer heifer.  Her new home will be in Cornish Flats, NY for Brooke Clark. Lylly had 12 daughters sell over $3,000.00 up to $6,500.00 on the day.  Lot 74, sired by Defiant, sold to Oakfield Corners for $16,500.00 with Conant Acres contending.  This sensational Sr. 2yr old is backed by the EX-93 Unanimous All-AM 4yr old in 2014!

Mike Garrow is one of the greatest cowmen than I know.  He has been doing this since his teens and devoted 16 to 18 hours daily to his cattle.  As Mike stated emotionally at the start of the sale, it’s time to devote more time to his family and we applaud Mike for all his years of demanding work.  We know that Mike is not leaving the industry, he loves it too much!  Thanks to all the buyers, bidders and followers online, one of the largest audiences ever had.  Special thanks to the entire fitting crew as the cattle looked incredible.  I also want to thank Jamie Black for his excellent job on pedigrees and Abe Light who assisted me greatly through the gauntlet of sales in such a short time frame!  Everyone contributed to the success of this sale!

Favorites of Fairmont – Sale Page
One thing I learned early in the sales business is that well cared for, flashy cattle with huge pedigrees, selling for people that are well respected, always sell well and will be appreciated.  On Saturday, April 28, 2018, Favorites of Fairmont was one of those days.  Tim Abbott and I both agree, if we could get adopted, the Hall family would be a family we would choose!  Tucker & Melissa Purchase, Ricky & Elizabeth Hall, Bonnie, Richard, Clara, Dana, Isabell and all other family members and relatives combined to make this a day to remember.  Every detail was meticulously handled, with an open house and feast the evening before the sale and breakfast sale morning, an open refreshment bar during the sale and a beautiful sale ring display.  A large crowd was on hand with active bidding all day resulting in a final average of $4,550.00 on 96 full lots.

Topping the sale at $33,750.00 was lot 13, consigned by Fairmont Farm, selling to Sexing Technologies. She was sired by Hollermann Silver Romero-ET and carried a GTPI +2778 +$939NM.  She is a total outcross, no Modesty, Jedi, Delta and ready to IVF! Second high seller at $14,500.00 was lot 19 consigned by Peak Genetics carrying a GTPI +2745 +$832NM and selling to Johnson Dairy Enterprise of Baldwin, WI.  From the Welcome Colby Taya family, she carried an embryo contract to Japan!  Cookiecutter Holsteins, had the third high seller of the day, a Welcome-Tel Brennan selling for $12,000.00 to Kevin & Barb Nedrow of Clifton Springs, NY.  This heifer carried a GTPI +2756 +$863NM from the world famous “Halo” family!

The show age high type cows were also in demand all day!  Lot 11 from Siemers Holsteins sold for $10,100.00 to Sexing Technologies. Sired by Byway, she carried a GTPI +4.40T, ranked #8 in the breed for type, from the great Juniper Wish family!  Lot 24, a fancy Solomon bred heifer from 2E-93 Goldwyn April from Fairmont sold to Luncrest Farm in NY for $7,700.00.  Lot 61 consigned by Muranda Holsteins was a lovely uddered Doorman 2yr old from the Gypsy Grand family that sold for $7,500.00 to Conant Acres in Maine. Fancy show age calves plowed away all day at $2,000.00 to $4,000.00.  Cattle sold to 12 states plus several Canadian provinces!

Special thanks to all the fitters who had the cattle spot on, the sale staff and who worked hard to get bids and again the entire Hall family.  Fairmont had been planning this sale for over one year so Ricky and Elizabeth thought they would have a baby the same week just to be sure everyone from Raylore Farm in MN was on hand.  They thought of everything!!  Congrats to the Halls!

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