Favorites of Fairmont

April 28, 2018 @ 11am @ East Montpelier, VT

107 lots

The Favorites of Fairmont Sale wrapped up with an average of $4550 on 96 full lots. The top seller of the sale was Lot 13 – Fairmont Romero Riptide who went for $33,750. This #3 Romero in the breed was consigned by Fairmont LLC. See lot prices and photos on Cowsmo. The sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange and Cowbuyer.


Sale Catalog

The Favorites of Fairmont catalog is now available! The sale will be held April 28, 2018, at Fairmont Farm in East Montpelier, VT. 107 lots are cataloged! The sale is managed by The Cattle Exchange and Cowbuyer will be on-hand with internet bidding.

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Sale Day

The Favorite of Fairmont Sale had a successful day, averaging $4550.00 on 96 full lots.

Top Sellers

Lot 13 Fairmont Romero Riptide $33,750.00
This September calf is the #3 Romero in the breed and was the top seller of the sale. She is a complete outcross, no Delta, Jedi or Modesty. Hails from 9 generations of VG or EX. Romero x Tuffenuff VG-85 x Moonboy EX-90. She was consigned by Fairmont Farms LLC and purchased by Sexing Technologies.

Lot 19 Peak Traci Genius 2066S-ET $14,500.00
This winter calf sold with a 5 embryo contract at $2300/embryo to Genetics Hokkaido. She hails from 12 generations of VG or EX and is A2A2. Consigned by Peak Genetics and purchased by Matt Johnson c/o Johnson Dairy Enterprise.

Lot 18 Cookiecutter Bren Hilfiire-ET $12,000.00
This Brennan Winter Calf is the highest GTPI Daughter of Hike. 10 generations of VG or EX as well as 9 generations of EX-MS. Brennan x Megasire VG-85, Letit EX-91. Consigned by Cookiecutter Holsteins and purchased by J. Kevin & Barbara Nedrow

Lot 15 Fairmont Lucky Really-ET $11,500.00
Polled Lucky calf who is the #9 RC Polled heifer in the breed! She is outcrossed with no Lawnboy or Powerball. 9 generations of VG or EX. Consigned by Fairmont Farms LLC and purchased by Progenesis c/o Semex.

Lot 11 Siemers Byway Cool-Whip $10,100.00
This Byway heifer is #8 Type heifer in the breed. She has 12 generations of VG or EX backing her.
Byway x Doorman VG-86 x Sid EX-91. Consigned by Siemer Holstein Farms and purchased by Sexing Technologies.

Complete Sale prices can be seen HERE

Other Lot Prices

13 $33750
32 $3300
99 $2300
31 $2400
31A $1850
28 $3100
25 $ 2600
9 $5700
39 $3950
89 $4900
83 $3500
57 $ 3800
58 $2250
59 $2400
41 $2500
1 $7000
5 $3500
23 $4000
24 $7700
28 $3100
9 $5700
39 $3950
6 $6200
76 $9100
15 $11,500
16 $7000
72 $10,000
14 $10,000
73 $5900

Sale Photos

To view Sale updates and Sale order HERE

Sale Info

Sale Location
Fairmont Holsteins at The Haven
141 Lyle Haven Road, East Montpelier, VT

Special Announcement
Trans Ova will donate $500 toward the highest lot purchased by a youth.

Schedule of Events
April 27
5-9 p.m. Cattle viewing with wine, beer and cheese social
Sponsored by MWI Animal Health
Cheese provided by Cabot Creamery

April 28
7-11 a.m. Cattle viewing, pancake breakfast and refreshments
Sponsored by Champlain Valley Equipment and Kuhn North America Inc.
11 a.m. Favorites of Fairmont Sale 2018
Refreshments sponsored by IBA and Bourdeau Bros. Inc.
Post-sale evening celebration at Langdon Street Tavern
14 Langdon Street, Montpelier, VT (15 minutes from the farm)

Sale Staff

Dave Rama……..607.435.0792
Tucker Purchase……..802.249.3539
Ricky Hall……..802.272.6625
Elizabeth Olson Hall……..320.583.4021
Tim Abbott……..802.238.1142
Kevin Ziemba……..315.730.6673
Adam Liddle……..518.361.9946
Ray LeBlanc……..802.249.2155
Scott Culbertson……..507.923.1881
Rick VerBeek……..614.580.8662
Abe Light……..315.651.7410

Barn Crew
Jared Tessmer……..763.443.2043
Tim Natzke……..920.979.0611
Chris Curtiss……..518.378.2800
Brock Liddle……..518.641.8874
Jason Healy……..845.902.8436
Jordan Thomas……..315.404.5056


Sale Highlights

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