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Canadian Holstein Highlights from December 2022 Genetic Evaluations

Effective this release of genetic evaluations, Feed Efficiency is now included in the LPI and Pro$ formulas for the Holstein breed. Each point of RBV for Feed Efficiency that is above (or below) 100 contributes an increase (or decrease) of 10 LPI points and $25 for Pro$.

“Renegade” is the Highest Newly Proven Sire Entering Top 10 for LPI

S‐S‐I PR Renegade‐ET takes centre stage this December as he makes his debut at #5 LPI and #13 Pro$, making him the highest newly proven sire this round. Renegade is the first proven son of Jaltaoak and his dam is S‐S‐I MLNGTN 10398 11588‐ET, by Millington. Among previously proven sires, there are five that achieve Top 10 status for both national indexes this round. Peak AltaHothand‐ET (Hotline x Montross) stays firm at #1 Pro$ but he also reaches the summit to take the #1 LPI spot. The former LPI leader, Westcoast Alcove (Duke x MVP), loses some ground this round but is still strong at #2 LPI and #6 Pro$ (#3 for Fat and Protein). The highest newcomer in August, namely Pine‐Tree‐I Pursuit (Imax x Profit), also stays strong as he now takes #3 Pro$ and #6 LPI. The two remaining sires among Top 10 for both indexes include OCD Bandares Cabernet‐ ET (Bandares x Rubicon) at #4 Pro$ and #7 LPI and Midlee Hotline Andy‐ET (Hotline x Rubicon) at #8 Pro$ and #9 LPI.

After his significant Pro$ increase last round, Blumenfeld Gdanc Rumble‐ET (GateDancer x Rubicon) continues to climb the Pro$ list and now reaches the #2 position (#12 LPI). The rest of the Top 10 Pro$ list is completed by S‐S‐I Silver Sonic‐ET (Silver x Multiply) at #5 Pro$ (tied #15 LPI), Peak AltaRuban‐ET at #7 Pro$ (#11 LPI), Cal‐Roy‐Al Yoda‐ET (Jedi x Yoder) at #9 Pro$ (#38 LPI) and Aurora AltaAntonio‐ET (Bandares x Commander) in #10 Pro$ position (#36 LPI). Following AltaHothand and Alcove on the top LPI list is Farnear Delta‐Lambda‐ET (Delta x Numero Uno), who holds on firmly to the #3 LPI spot (#11 Pro$, tied #2 Conformation). No‐Fla Capital 45499‐ET (Ferdinand x Stoic) moves back up the list to again take #4 LPI (#21 Pro$). The Top 10 LPI list this December is completed by Boldi V Gymnast (Doorsopen x Jabir) at #8 LPI (#14 Pro$) and S‐S‐I La Syracse Alvarez‐ET (Syracuse x Josuper) in the #10 LPI position (#17 Pro$).

The second highest newly proven sire this round and the highest proven red sire in the breed is Hoogerhorst DG OH Rubels‐Red*R&W, who is a son of Endco Argo‐ET*RDC out of De Oosterhof DG Rubellia, by Rubicon, that makes his debut being tied at #15 for both LPI and Pro$. On the Pro$ list Rubels‐Red is tied at #15 with another newly proven sire, Dexpro Mojo (#19 LPI, tied #10 Protein), who is a Medley son out of Can‐Genes Jedi Mariebel. Three other newly proven sires achieve Top 25 status for at least one national index. One of these is Silverridge V Einstein at #18 LPI and #22 Pro$, who is the highest of the first two Topnotch sons proven in Canada and his dam is Silverridge V Duke Email. Following right behind on the Pro$ list is another newcomer, Progenesis Popstar at #23 Pro$ (#22 LPI), who is a son of Imax out of Peak Delco Panama‐ET. Ri‐ Val‐Re Radical‐ET (Achiever son out of Ri‐Val‐Re Hope Razz‐ET, by Rubicon) also achieves Top 25 status as he makes his debut at #24 Pro$ (#45 LPI, #5 Fat).

Four Newly Indexed Cows Achieve Top 10 Status for GLPI or Pro$

Both lists of top cows for GLPI and Pro$ experience some reshuffling in order as well as the arrival of high‐ranking newly indexed cows this December. Of importance is the climb of Stantons Bundle Extra to grab the #1 position for both GLPI and Pro$ and a similar success by her maternal sister, Stantons Acura Roxie, who increases to follow at #2 GLPI and #3 Pro$. Their dam, Stantons Bighit Melody*POR, stays strong taking #3 GLPI and #5 Pro$ positions this round. The former GLPI leader, Benner Alcove Jaynella, is forced into the #4 position, which she holds for both GLPI and Pro$ (#7 Fat). Two other cows achieve Top 10 status for both indexes, including Claynook Chris Renegade at #5 GLPI and #6 Pro$, as well as Stantons What It Takes P*POR, who is another daughter of Melody, by Bundle, and sister to Extra and Roxie that now occupies #6 GLPI and #8 Pro$. In addition to Melody and What It Takes, a third polled cow achieves Top 10 status this December as Vogue Limelight Sadie Sea‐P*POC jumps to grab the #2 Pro$ spot (#15 GLPI, dam is Vogue Spice Sadie‐PP*POS).

Three newly indexed cows also manage to enter the Top 10 list for Pro$. The highest of these is Claynook Zeeta Pursuit at #7 Pro$ (#12 GLPI, dam is Morningview Duke Zip) and she is joined by Bryceholme Legacy Brawny at #9 Pro$ (#36 GLPI, dam is Bryceholme Robson Beautiful) and Zeeta’s maternal sister, Claynook Zola Biggelo, in #10 Pro$ position (tied #16 GLPI, #2 Fat). The highest newly indexed cow for GLPI is Progenesis Einstein Beck at #8 GLPI (#22 Pro$, dam is Progenesis Robson Beyonce). Maintaining their Top 10 GLPI status this round are the full‐sister daughters of Jaynella, namely Benner Alcove Jaydin at #7 GLPI (#11 Pro$) and Benner Alcove Jennifer at #9 GLPI (#28 Pro$). Making a significant gain to enter and complete the Top 10 GLPI list this December is Stantons Aristocrat Milk at #10 GLPI (#21 Pro$). This daughter of Melody is followed by another maternal sister, namely Stantons Luster Riley P*POC, who is the second highest newly indexed cow this round for GLPI with her arrival in #11 position (#19 Pro$). A maternal sister to Brawny also makes an interesting debut as Bryceholme Acura Banner grabs #16 Pro$ (#50 GLPI).

Source: Lactanet Canada

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