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‘Breakfast on the Dairy Farm’‏

Great day today at Huyzers for breakfast on the Dairy farm!  Over 350 turned out with 40 volunteers from the local cattle club, 4-H club, Southern Alberta Holstein club and Alberta milk.

June is ‘Dairy Month’ around North America. This was a promotion of our dairy industry.  Together with Alberta Milk an event was organized for today called “Breakfast on the Dairy Farm” .

All urban people in the Didsbury, Olds, Bowden and Innisfail area were invited, but the main focus is on families with smaller children. They will be invited by advertisements on the radio and in the local newspapers as well as through the elementary and middle schools.

People can bring their family out to enjoy a free breakfast served by local dairy farmers and experience firsthand what life on a dairy farm is all about.

There will be a variety of activities that are fun for the whole family, such as:


* Hot and healthy breakfast

* Barn tours

* Can you milk faster than a dairy farmer? Try your hand at our race a dairy farmer game

* They will be able to see a milk tanker on site

* There will be gift bags and information booklets.

For this event we need your help! We would like to ask you to volunteer a bit of your time on that Saturday morning to help out as a tourguide, a greeter or help with parking, food preparation and serving, or the race the farmer game for an hour or more.

On Friday evening June 21st at 7.30pm we will meet at Huntcliff Dairy to socialize and give a few instructions for the area you have offered to assist with.

Please let us know if you can help out for an hour or so by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by phoning one of us:


Southern Alberta Holstein Club                            and                  East of Olds Farmers Club

Larry Arvay   (403) 507-9842                                                                       Arie Van den Broek (403) 507-9129

Martien Huyzer  (403) 556-3420                                                                  Sietze Sietzema (403) 556-1943

Miranda Verhoef (403) 224-2815                                                                Dettie Appel (403) 227-2674

Dairy breakfast


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