Austria's first 200,000kg lifetime cow

Austria’s first 200,000kg lifetime cow

Holstein Austria has announced for the first time, Petra Ex-90 from the farm of Steiner’s “Orgeler” made a cow the overrun of the magical life of over 200.000 milk kg.

In Europe, it is also one of the very few cows that have made these lifetime. Petra not only embodies the breeding on lifetime. It was also classified by Holstein Austria in the highest classification class in the exterior with 90 points. This was also demonstrated by the 3. Tyrolean Holstein Trophy, where she won the title “honourable mention” (3. TH RANK). It is also worth mentioning that the mother of Petra has also reached a lifetime of over 100.000 milk kg.

For many years now, the company has been working on the breeding orientation with longevity, lifetime, fitness, fertility and exterior. It’s not like it’s about 100.000 litres of golden girls on the holding. To achieve this, it needs an optimal environment in animal care and herdenmanagement. This has been demonstrated by the company since 2008 with the annual award as a “Management Professional” of the cattle association tyrol.

Source: Holstein Austria (translated)

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