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Artist Kay Davidson to auction off artwork in support of Australian Dairy Farmers

Brocklesby artist Kay Davidson felt compelled to offer her support after watching milk prices drop so low dairy farmers were making “less than $3 an hour”.

“Now with the drought and cost of feed many long-serving dairy farmers are being forced to sell up,” she said.

“The artwork features three friesian cows peering out behind one another and as your eyes drift from the closest cow to the furthest you see the light on the horizon which represents the flicker of hope in a dark time.

“I also hope this artwork raises significant awareness of the plight of dairy farming families because much of the industry is in a real mess.”

At the start of September a dairy lobby group sent out an SOS asking consumers to pay an extra 10 cents a litre for milk to help support drought-stricken farmers.

The Queensland Dairy Organisation launched the national campaign asking people to sign an online petition urging supermarkets to increase the price of milk.

Davidson created the pastel, Dairy Helpers, earlier this year and it has been doing the rounds of businesses ahead of the online auction from Saturday, September 22 to Sunday, September 23.

This is the artist’s second artwork auction in support of Ausssie farmers.

In 2017 she create an imposing ram artwork that went for $3750 with proceeds donated to the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners.

Auctions proceeds will be donated to support dairy farming families.

This weekend’s auction will be held on Davidson’s Forever Pet Portraits Facebook group.  


Source: The Flinders News

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