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$24 million expansion proposed for Ultra Dairy Plant

Bryne Dairy, located in DeWitt, N.Y., is planning to expand its Ultra Dairy Plant to grow its packaging capability and create at least 20 new jobs. The 42,000-square-foot expansion would allow the facility to lengthen their packaging line and distribute more of their dairy products.

The company currently has four manufacturing facilities including a Fresh Dairy Plant and Ice Cream Plant located in Syracuse, N.Y, their Ultra High Temperature Pasteurization Plant in DeWitt, N.Y., and a Cultured Plant located in Cortlandville, N.Y.

“Right now we use every square foot of the (Ultra Dairy Plant) that we can,” said James Gosier, a lawyer for Byrne Dairy in an interview with Syracuse.com. “We need to make our packaging line longer so we can put through more product.”

According to Gosier, once the first expansion is complete, a second expansion will be built to incorporate 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space. This addition would accommodate new equipment and new aseptic dairy and beverage items.

The Ultra Dairy plant currently uses an ultra-high-temperature pasteurization process to make coffee creamers, milk and other dairy products that have an extended shelf life of up to 120 days, according to Syracuse.com. Taking in 50 million pounds of milk each month, the renovation will allow the milk to be processed more quickly, making room for more milk production in the future.

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Source: AGWeb

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