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Accelerated Genetics: Your SOURCE for Jersey genetics

Baraboo, Wis. – During the past decade of rapid Jersey expansion, Accelerated Genetics has kept pace with a growing and elite Jersey line-up.

Accelerated Genetics announces the addition of three new proven sires to enhance an already well-equipped Jersey line-up. With the highly demanded attributes of production, type, and outcross spread throughout the line-up, Accelerated Genetics can serve as your SOURCE for Jersey genetics.

red top judge This class of proven sires is highlighted by 014JE00552 Judge, an elite udder specialist and high milk yield sire. Judge’s proof features an extremely high JUI (+4.39) and his daughters are identifiable by elite youthful udders with a strong cleft, and a high wide rear udder attachment. To compliment his JUI, Judge records +1326 for Milk, up 90 from his last proof. In addition his +1.1 PL transmits longevity into a herd.

Judge is sired by T-Bone. The dam is a Dale daughter that scored Very Good-83%. She made a solid first lactation record, 1-11 305d 2x 17170M 4.0% 684F 3.6% 611P. The grandam is an exceptional Rosecrans daughter that was classified Very Good-88% and produced six impressive records including a third lactation record, 4-01 305d 2x 20140M 4.8% 968F 3.6% 735P.

hancockO.F. Impuls Hancock
014JE00553 Hancock brings a combination of profit enhancing traits into the line-up. Hancock displays great production +1087 Milk, up 177 pounds from his last proof. In addition, he records a high Cheese Merit (+465 CM$), and displays a profitable PL (+1.6) and positive DPR (+0.2).   


014JE00555 Roy follows in similar suit with longevity (+3.8 PL) and positive DPR (+0.4). Roy can fit into a component and profit focused breeding program with high fat (+64 F) and great Cheese Merit (+595 CM$).

impulsive roy

Peterson Impulsive Roy
With an outlook of more than 25% of the U.S. National Dairy Herd to be sired by a Jersey sire by 2020, Accelerated Genetics recognizes the need to offer elite Jersey Genetics. You can be confident in Accelerated Genetics to serve as your SOURCE for Jersey genetics.


Accelerated Genetics is a global provider of bovine genetics and research, reproductive services, and solution-based animal health products. With a focus on People, Products and Pride, the Accelerated Genetics vision is to be the producer’s trusted first choice.

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