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Accelerated Genetics News Release: New Brown Swiss Graduate

Baraboo, Wis.  – Accelerated Genetics is pleased to announce an addition to their Brown Swiss proven line-up.
New PACE graduate 014BS00344 Dante offers a diverse array of traits that appeal to any Brown Swiss breeding program.

Dante bursts onto the proven scene with the complete package of production and strength that is essential to a Brown Swiss breeder. He boasts high milk production (+744 PTAMM) that ranks among an elite population of the breed. Dante also proves to be an exceptional health trait sire. He promotes a +0.6 PL, 5.0% SCE and quality numbers for both HCR and DPR.

In addition, Dante excels in traits that transmit durable long lasting daughters. He sires strong daughters (+1.00 STR) with great feet and legs (+0.50 FA) and fabulous udders (+0.45 UDC).

“His type pattern shows tall daughters that excel in strength and power while dairy and stylish enough to compete in show ring,” Dave Erf, Accelerated Genetics Sire Analyst praises.

Dante’s pedigree offers a show winning cow family and an outcross sire stack.  His dam, Arthurst Garbro G Dahra-ET EX-92, was a past futurity winner at World Dairy Expo. His sire stack of Zeus x Gordon x Pete Rose, offers an outcross ideal for Wonderment and Brookings bloodlines.

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