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ABS Expands On Diverse Offering With New Grads, Polled Genomic Sires

ABS Global graduates eight Holsteins and two Jerseys, in addition to a diverse offering of high genomic sires.

29HO14422 Welcome GENOMics-ET leads the way in the latest graduating class, and is a Baxter x VG-88 DOM ALTON son with an exciting outcross pedigree from a great cow family. With outstanding production (+1918 Milk, +96 Fat and +51 Protein), GENOM adds Calving Ease at 7.2% and +2.03 Udder Composite to provide a balanced package.

Another outcross sire added to the lineup this run is 29HO14552 Brandt-View EZRA-ET, a Stol Joc x VG-87 GMD DOM Potter that excels in longevity and feet and legs. This feed efficiency sire boasts +5.6 Productive Life, +585 Net Merit $, and sires incredibly productive daughters that are built to generate long-term profit.

The commercial dairyman’s dream, 29HO14427 Pine-Tree Oman ABC-ET is a late O Man son from an EX-91 BOLIVER, and maternal brother to 29HO13984 ATTRIBUTE. ABC daughters are built to work. With +800 CM$ and +698 NM$, his strong and dairy daughters pack a profitable punch in a compact package.

Adding to an exciting graduate offering is Red and White sire 94HO0877 Hylltop PRESLEY-RED-ET, a product of St. Jacobs ABC. PRESLEY is an excellent outcross option as a Mr Burns x Salto*RC son with 7.1% Calving Ease and strong production and components. He is also the number one LPI Red and White sire in Canada.

ABS strives to offer producers the genetic diversity for any operation around the globe. Recently added to the ABS Primetime™ genomic sire offering is 29HO16698 Pen-Col BELUGA-ET, an O-Style x Super son with +2420 GTPISM, +1840 Milk, +831 NM$ and over +2.00 PTAT, UDC and FLC.

With polled genetics on the industry forefront, ABS has added two outstanding polled sires to the ABS Primetime lineup – 29HO16733 Pine-Tree OHARE-P and 29HO16658 Kings-Ransom DURAND-P*RC. OHARE-P is an O-Style x Signif-P son and the second high GTPI polled sire in the industry with +2201 GTPI. He adds +2073 Milk, +682 NM$, and 6.5% Calving Ease to make him an exciting mating sire world-wide.

DURAND-P*RC is a heterozygous polled sire from Colt-P-Red and a VG-85 Mac, with +1.7 DPR and +2.35 UDC, DURAND-P*RC is well-suited for commercial environments. Offspring have a will to work, with several females in the maternal line exceeding 1,000 lbs fat and protein.


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