3 Tie-Stall Milking Robots At Frederic Farm

3 Tie-Stall Milking Robots At Frederic Farm

Luc Fredette, owner Frederic Farm’s in Plantagenet, Ontario invests in his farm’s future by installing 3 Milkomax Tie-Stall AMS.

Despite recent industry concerns over decreasing milk prices, increasing production costs and misconceptions surrounding cow comfort, Mr. Fredette believes that the best way to increase efficiency, his bottom line and prepare his dairy farm for the future is to invest in tie-stall automated milking.

After carefully analysing all available robotic milking systems and their implications, Mr. Fredette has concluded that Milkomax’ Tie-Stall robot is the best solution for long term success.

Choosing the project with the lowest investment cost minimises the risk of a high debt to revenue ratio. With economic conditions being hard to predict, Mr. Fredette sees the importance of keeping financial risks to a minimum: “The Tie-Stall milking robots will give me the best profit margin per cow. The resulting cash flow will make it much easier for me to transfer the business to the next generation.”

ferme_robotPhoto: Mr. Luc Fredette and his son Maxime

In his opinion, the key to a successful dairy farm is to manage production costs closely, while never sacrificing heard health, comfort and care. “With Milkomax’s Tie-Stall AMS, my cows will be pampered every day. They will be seen individually 3 to 4 times a day, which is the only way to monitor individually their health and eating habits.”

Mr. Luc Fredette concludes by saying: “These robots will greatly help with heard management so I can respond faster, no matter what my cows need. The result is happier cows, and happier cows are more productive cows. Staying in a tie-stall is the best way to minimise injuries due to animal competition, hoof infections and lameness. We are investing in better quality of life… for our animals and for us!”

Mr. Fredette’s 3 Tie-Stall milking robots will be fully operational in Summer 2016.

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