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2nd Largest Dairy Farm in Indonesia soon to be largest

牛场信息 Farm Information

Farm owned by P.T.Ultra Jaya, 2nd largest Dairy farm in Indonesia and soon to be the biggest, the farm is set on 60 hectares, with maize being purchased from a large area surrounding us. We have been milking cows here for nearly 3 years, all original animals were imported from Australia, As you in China will know, to find good quality export heifers is very very difficult, and this is even more difficult for us as our milk price is more than 20 US cents less than yours, This year we still have nearly 60% heifers, but we are already making a profit and this will rise significantly when these heifers become 2nd calvers.

牧场名称 name of the farm:
P.T. Ultra Pratenaken Selaten Bandung (UPBS)

存 栏 number of total animals:

成母牛number of total adult cows
1800, 90% holstein, with 10% jersey X, everything is inseminated to holstein

职 工:number of staff:
45 employed, up to 80 daily workers and 70 farmers, as part of Ultra’s “Corporate Social Responsibilty” each of these 70 farmers will pay for 15 cows over the next 4-6 years, and after that with the aid of a milk contract from Ultra will continue to supply A grade milk to Ultra.

乳脂肪:milk fat:
3.98 last month

3.43 last month

细 菌: bacteria:
Total plate count of less than 20,000

年产量:total production / year
Around 15 milliuon litres

单 产:average production / cow /year
Cows 9100 litres/year, not/lactation   heifers 7000 litres/year, not per lactation

交售单位:buyer of the fresh milk
P.T. Ultra Jaya

奶 价:current milk price
Last month was 4216 rupia @ 12.67 total solids (around 47 US cents/29.5 English pence)

牛场技术伙伴 suppliers

Nearly everything is imported, the local suppliers would cheat there own mothers, DDGS, US, Soya- Brazil, John Deere tractors, Trioliet mixers, pottinger choppers

挤奶机:milking machine
Delaval, at the moment, Terrible service

Everything gets a TMR, with the exception of calves, we currently have 9 different mixes, from Calf TMR- to gain 0.75kg’s/day, upto maintenance plus 34 litres for my high yielding cows.

冻  精:frozen semen 
All cows get 2 chances of the worlds best semen. Then they get semen from imported bulls from Coomboona Holsteins, Australia. Anything that is not pregnant by 180 DIM automatically goes to our stock bulls, all heifers get 1 straw of sexed semen, if not pregnant 1 straw of the worlds best and then run with our stock bulls.

All semen now comes from WWS, all sexed semen in the past has come from Cogent, now it will also come from WWS. Cows pregnancy rates are running at 22%, conception rates are 40%, we are getting on average 52% conception rate with sexed semen on heifers

苜  蓿:alfalfa
Been feeding Imported Alfalfa to high yielding cows (2.5kg’s/head/day for 2 months), have only gained 1 litre, its very very expensive We will carry on for one year to see if fertility/health improves, i am disapointingly happy with this result, as it means i was feeding the cows ok without it!!!!!

场长个人小档案 files of farm manager

姓名:name and surname
Jeremy Hockin

牛龄:how many year does him works in dairy?
All of my life, my father milked cows for 50 years, so i was bought up on a dairy farm, in Devon, England. I milked cows as a herdsman for 9 years, went to university, gained a second class honours degree in “ agriculture and countryside management” from Seale Hayne. I managed my first farm just outside london, built a new dairy, worked in Thailand consulting for a large dairy farm, went back to the UK, managed and built a new dairy unit for the Barony College, Dumfries,

I have been in Indonesia for three and a half years, has been very hard work, but some of the most rewarding i have ever done, Working for Ultra Jaya is great, they are so positive about what we are doing and achieving, what my staff have learnt in 3, ½ years is unbelievable, but everyday i want more from them. My motto to them is “Ultra are not paying me to be average”



爱好:hobbies :
I used to play alot of football, but now only watch the English BPL, I have played quite a bit of Badminton out here, but have not played for a year now, i am very lucky, as dairy farming is my hobby, so its never hard work!!

在牛场最爱做的事:the favorite work in the farm: 
Shouting at my staff, certainly my staff know that the only way to do things is “properly”. The best feeling i get at the farm, is when a good cow has a heifer calf, and getting cows in calf still giving 40 litres plus

最大的心愿:aspiration (wishes)

As long as the positives out way the negatives every day i will be pretty happy, i really believe that with a herd of cows with only 20% heifers we can average 30 litres everyday of the year, which would be a huge achievement here in South East Asia, or anywhere in the world really!!

We will go up to 3000 lactation animals here, but with our own heifers, really I’ive had enough of buying the bottom 20% of Australia’s heifers.

We are currently building a unit for up to 9000 lactating animals, so it will be very interesting how we make that work!!

最想去的地方:下一步计划:any plan in the future?

Nutrition, feeding, genetics, calves management, heat stress
I do 99% of my own nutrition, but if I am stuck i use a man called “Barrie Audis” from the UK, and he usually comes out here once per year, (one of the hardest things out here is having no one to bounce ideas off). Barrie is a very straight talking consultant, he’s never affraid of telling you your making a shite job of something. I always think most consultants just suck up to their clients to keep there money coming in!!! Feeding cows properly is 80% of what i do here, everything stems from this- milk, fertility etc etc.

I use quite a bit of genomic semen, but i am very careful to make sure the maternal side has great cows for more than 3 generation, in the tank at the moment is, Braxton, Copenhagen, Trump, Fork, Bookem, Farsano, Atlantic, Ares, shaker, Supersonic, Doulton.

i have learnt 2 very important things from people over the years and they are-
If you take care of a cow 21 days before she calves and 21 days after she calves, then she will take care of you for the rest of her lactation!

If you take care of a calf for the first 3 months of her life, then she will take care of you for the rest of her life!!

We have SOP’s for everything, all of which were very strange to my staff at the beginning, it took them a year or so to realize they were not my SOP’s, but SOP’s that the rest of the world follows.

No heat stress here, we are 1400 meters up a mountain, its around 30 degrees outside and 22-24 inside the sheds in the daytime and 12-14 at night, perfect!!, just beautiful for an english man as well!!!!

场如何做好团队建设?(包括工资待遇,娱乐文化)average salary of the staff in farm. How to manage?

  • The average cost of my staff is 1.4 million per month, that is $150, my top vet earns $450, for the first 2 years staff would have been my biggest hassle, even now i have to be on top of them all the time, they get slack very very quickly, but you learn how to handle this, i have over the past got rid of a few (hundred) of them!!!, actually although at times i am very criticle of them, i actually like a tremendous amount of them and would class them as my friends, they do give me a lot of respect, but a guess this is because i can do every job better than they can, be that foot trimming (i still trim a few a month), milking or driving a loading shovel, I still feed the cows with the mixer wagon every now and again, They really hate me doing things, so if i want something done i just say to them “Do you have time to do this for me? Or shall i do it myself”
  • 印尼的奶价定价机制?the system of milk price in Indonesia

    All based on the world whole milk powder price

    the sort i like, pictured as a second calver, now dry for her 4th, in calf to Klassic big time, must be an excellent!!
    48/48, milking 24 hours a day,10 men on a shift, 5 milking/5 cleaning/bedding freestalls, less than half a percent of mastitis in the last year
    if we can make maize silage with no waste why cant every one else
    my team, could not be here without them, wife Jo, Charlie eldest daughter and little sammie, youngest daughter
    Everything from strong weaned calves lies in freestalls
    the view as you come up the mountain to the farm, i have never seen any thing as beautiful!
    Joint purchase with me and Ultra Jaya Licorice2 x Goldyn, has given us 13 A grades by shottle and is in calf to Windbrook
    this is why we have no mastitis
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