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Holstein Canada Committees: Grassroots Members Selected to Represent Membership

Holstein Canada is governed by members — for members. This rings true at the Board level where 10 members are elected by their peers to direct the association by serving on the Board of Directors. The Board then relies heavily on more extensive grassroots input by selecting 30 committee members for the 11 Holstein Canada committees that exist at the Association. Members are chosen from all regions across Canada for their respective expertise relating to a committee’s subject matter. These committees are an integral part in ensuring Holstein Canada’s Board of Directors has input and suggestions from its grassroots members and industry partners in forward-thinking for the betterment of the Association. Terms vary, depending on committees, for one to three years, and members may be reappointed for a second term. New committee members are appointed when necessary, as existing committee members’ terms come to an end. A majority of committees have Board representation of two Board members, with one being chairperson, along with external members, and all committees are supported by a staff member at Holstein Canada.
For the coming year, the Board of Directors of Holstein Canada is pleased to work with the following members who have been selected to represent their membership by sitting on the subsequent committees:

Holstein Canada Committee Committee Representation
Audit, Risk Management and Finance
Mario Perreault (Qc) (Committee Chair)
Kevin Smith (ON)
Ron Boerchers (MB)
Ron Sleeth (ON)
Elyse Gendron (Qc) (Committee Chair)
Richard Bosma (BC)
Harry Van Der Linden (NS)
Breed Advisory
Harry Van Der Linden (NS) (Committee Chair)
Gilles Côté (QC)
Joop Garretsen (AB)
Dennis E. Martin (ON)
John Schenkels (NB)
Richard Bosma (BC)
Classification Advisory
Robert Chabot (Qc) (Committee Chair)
Frank Donkers (ON)
Calvin Fornwald (SK)
Ben Loewith (ON)
Callum McKinven (Qc)
Bloyce Thompson (PEI)
Dr. Gord Atkins (AB)- veterinarian
Brian Carscadden (ON)- AI rep
Mario Perrault (Qc)
Cow of the Year
Orville Schmidt (AB) (Committee Chair)
Lorne Briscoe (ON)
Stéphane Dufour (QC)
Éric Laliberté (QC)
Dave McMorrow (ON)`
Court Carmichael (ON) (Committee Chair)
Terry Charlton (ON)
James Cranston (ON)
Ron Sleeth (ON) (Committee Chair)
Martin Caron (QC)
Richard Bosma (BC)
Elyse Gendron (QC)
Glen McNeil (ON)
National/Branch Joint Meeting Representatives

Orville Schmidt (AB) (Committee Chair)

Richard Bosma (BC)
Elyse Gendron (Qc)
Glen McNeil (ON)
Harry Van Der Linden (NS)
John Buckley (ON) (Committee Chair)
Dale Bienert (AB)
John Devries (ON)
Tyler Doiron (QC)
Thierry Jaton (QC)
Jamie Lewis (PEI)
Jason Vis (ON)
Robert Chabot (Qc)
Youth Adult Program
Robert Chabot (Qc) (Committee Chair)
Nick Brown (NB)
Will Judge (ON)
Melissa Marcoux (QC)
Tom Mufford (SK)
Animal Health Dr. Guy Boisclair (QC)
John Buckley (ON)

Holstein Canada thanks the above committee members for their time, effort, and dedication to the Association and welcomes ideas, comments and suggestions from all Holstein Canada members. Feel free to contact any Board or Committee member to share input into YOUR association!

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