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2022 National Dairy Shrine Student Scholarships Now Open

The 2022 National Dairy Shrine student scholarships are now open! If you or someone you know have a genuine interest in the dairy industry and are hoping to have an impact on the industry in the future, we encourage you to apply!

All applications can be found on our website under the “Youth” tab.

We invite you to read below how these scholarships have influenced students across the country. Good luck with your application and please reach out to National Dairy Shrine with any questions.

Brianna McBride, Iowa State University student: “The National Dairy Shrine has provided me with opportunities that I am forever grateful for through their scholarships. Due to their support, I have not only been able to meet impactful dairy industry members but also pursue my education to enter the dairy industry without the burden of student-debt. Thank you endlessly to the National Dairy Shrine for their generosity and encouragement of my education and all of us entering the industry we love.”

Sarah Thomas, Virginia Tech student (undergrad) and The Ohio State University student (graduate): “Receiving a scholarship from NDS not only supported my financial journey in attending graduate school, but it has opened a world of connections and opportunities. NDS is about pushing students and members to be the best version of themselves. We must work collectively within this industry and I think NDS sets that tone!”

Nicholas Seitzer, University of Minnesota student: “Being recognized for receiving a National Dairy Shrine scholarship has been a source of pride for me. Many qualified applicants are considered for these scholarships and only a few are selected. I’m very grateful for the financial support that the National Dairy Shrine provides to students that have a passion for the dairy industry like myself.”
Cynthia Hamlet, Iowa State University student: “Receiving a NDS scholarship relieved some of the financial burdens I was faced with during my collegiate career, allowing me to focus more on my education. It made life easier giving my full attention to personal and professional development.”

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