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2022 All-American Open Holstein and ABA All-American Open Jersey Nominations

The 2022 All-American Holstein and Jersey nominations were announced yesterday at the year-end celebration party held at The Stage on Broadway in Nashville, TN! A huge crowd received the nominations with plenty of cheering and enthusiasm and we are honored to present the nominees!

Spring Calf

Clarkvalley Certified Warrior
Maple-Downs Sdkc Glamourous
Milksource Champagne
Oakfield Doorman Kiki
Ocean-View Say It Aint So
Weigland Denver Athena 

Winter Calf
Ala-Moo Smr Ruthann
Chakelburg Believe Possible
Extramile Loophole Sidekick
Karnview Haniko Juliet 
Ms Tang Doorman Adequate

Riser-4 War Chariot

Fall Calf
Duckett Willows Lyric
Hammertime Sfest Rally-ET
Laforstar Fantastic Denver
Lormarr Lea Alleyoop Swish
Repa Drh Ashby Jennidream
Smith-Oak Unix Blondie

Summer Yearling
Cobequid Tattoo Riddles
Curr-Vale Dempsey Hartley
Go-Sho Remedys Reminisce

Milksource Tstrm Tanbark

Milksource Tstruck Actress

Petitclerc Lambda Bilbo

Spring Yearling
Belmoral Kamasutra Master
Golden-Oaks Denver 9419
Karnview Warrior Alaska

Micheret Noela Legend 

Milibro Denver Roselakyme

Windy-Knoll-View Pesky

Winter Yearling
Banowetz Meridian Mojito
Blexys Kngdoc Brilliant

Kiko Solo Jawdroping 1891

Kingsway Alligator A Twix

Ms Thunderstorm Eternity

Wildpfaffs Sidekick Lime

Fall Yearling
2nd-Look Master Blaster
Dreamhaven Tropic Riviera

Mayerlane Black Cat

Opsal Diamondback Rihanna

Reyncrest Denver Polly

River Divide Addison Bailee

Milking Yearling
Arethusa Doorman Avril-TW
C-Cove Delta-Lambda Panda

Laforstar Leone Master

Mabel Handsome Alleluia

Oakfield Moment Marisa

Smygwatys Alligator Raindrop

I Summer Junior 2-Year-Old
Elegance Mirand Amazon
Kamps-Rx Appleb Avery

Kiko Discjockey Layla 1830

Maple-Downs Sdkck Aurora

Ms T-Triple-T TL Fame-Red

Skycrest Sidekick Nailpolish

Junior 2-Year-Old
Belcher Master Aggie
Greenpine Rejoice Bedazzled

Retso Sidekick Charlene

Ryan-Vu Hancock Simple

Tolamika Diamondback Blaine

Winright Sidekick Safari

Senior 2-Year-Old
Blondin Crushabull Prism
Glenirvine Unix Sally

Ken-Am GC Digit

Kevetta Slomon Baby Newyear

Oakfield Doorman Karmen

Rosemary Unix Goldie

Junior 3-Year-Old
Crestomere Sidekick Valkyrie
Esperanza-Cc Thunderstruck

Fraeland Chief Liberty

Ladyrose Caught Your Eye

Mosnang Unix Lipstick

Ryan-Vu Unix Shasti

Senior 3-Year-Old
Belmoral Apple Crisp Nediva
Blondin RD Unstopabu Maple-Red
Fraeland Unix Buttertart

Lo-Pine-VA Lady Crush

Ms Crushabull Carolina

Oakfield Solomon Sunset

Hurrcroft Awe Lillyann-Red
Lindenright Devour Movember

Ms Ransom-Rail Beth-Red

Oak-Ridge-K Gchip Turbo

Petitclerc Applicable Milano

S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784

Garay Dempsey Amazing
Kingsway Dempsey Nora

Mosnang Solomon Liquify

Oakfield Solom Footloose

Stone-Front Union Imelda

Wendon BSD Windbrook Merry

Aged Cow
Antia Absolute Joline-Red
Carpsview Armani Velvet

Jericho-Dairy Baracuda

Ms Beautys Black Velvet

Pierstein Cicero Time Out

Rach-Len Dundee Lilly

Lifetime Production Cow
Alfinch Zelgodis Taci
Gleann Brady Privateer

Kevetta Chelios Brooke

Macland-Hf Yoder Rachel

Ms Atwood Lacey

Vinbert Kingboy Birdy

Junior Best Three Females
JM Valley Holstein
Karnview Farms

Reyncrest Farm

Reyncrest & Kingsway

Wildpfaff – Trapp & Pfaff

Winright Holsteins

Senior Best Three Females
Benbie Holsteins
Duckett Holsteins

Fraeland Farms

Kings Ransom Farm

Le-O-La Holsteins

Oakfield Corners Dairy

Produce of Dam
Duckett Holsteins
Fraeland Farms

Kings Ransom Farm

Lida-Acres Holsteins

Oakfield Corners Dairy

ZBW Genetics

Spring Calf
Freedom Lane Kid Rock Giggle

Freedom Lane Kid Rock Ginger

Freedom Lane Kid Rock Gisele

Kash-In Vip Kaycie

Milksource Annas Angel

Verona Malic Princess Sofia

Winter Calf
Big Guns A Victory Lap

Four-Hills Ferdinand Gaile

Pleasant Nook Joel Devine

Ratliff Vibe Daisy

South Mountain Whistlin Dixie

Vierra Vip Vertigo

Fall Calf
Leann-Acres Lolalala Caroline

Rivendale Venue Colby Jack

Schulte Bros Colton Cheerio

Stookeyholm Gentry Treasurer

SV Colton Hashtag

Vierra Carpe Diem

Summer Yearling
Day-Kel Gentry Monique

Discoverys Kidrock Jessa

Milksource Joyride Mia

MM Joel Rowyn

Shots VIP Shot Of Love

Vierra Femme Fatale

Spring Yearling
Four-Hills Velocity Precious

Miss Smokin Hot Blind Ambition
Roc-N-Roll Billiejean
Schulte Bros Colton Frankie
Sterlings Joel Stellar
Underground Lollipops Luella

Winter Yearling
Dashs Delusion

Galaxy Tequila Exuberance

Kevetta Nuance Vancura
Schulte Bros Gentry Clarabella

Scottiere Vanessa Jordan

Whitdale Colton Ginny

Fall Yearling
Highlife Swag Dirty Dancer

SNT MB Kidrock Sriracha

The Wild Kid Of Retso

Triple-H Bang Bang Oh Boom

Woodmohr Dallas Glitter

Woodmohr Gentle Bella

Milking Yearling
Borderview Andreas Connie

Heaths Grandious Winnie

Impression Misty

Intense Video Shelby

Kash-In Kid Rock Shedaisy

Ratliff Lo Lalala Dancer

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old
Kilgus Fizz Deborah

Lookout Shes Got It
Maker Gentry Arielle
Pacific Edge Joel Karisma
Pacific Edge VIP Escort

s Scent VIP Skittles

Junior 2-Year-Old
Meri-Acres VIP Willow

Pacific Edge Gentry Zelda {6}
Rivendale Rockstar Violet
Schulte Bros Colt First Lady
Schulte Bros Colton Fancy Lady

SSF Casino Brie

Senior 2-Year-Old
Arethusa Andreas Sunlight

Charlyn Perennial Sangria
Dream-Valley Kid Rock Tour
Oeh-My Victorus Parade
Stadview Gentry Velocity
Sterlings Victorious Sunset

Junior 3-Year-Older 
Big Guns Andreas Velvet

Discoverys Jedi Empress
Kevetta Colton Delilah
Paullyn Victorious Maya

Pine Haven Victorious Margaret
Rivendale VIP Eloise

Senior 3-Year-Old
Budjon-Vail Jordan C Shaneese

Cowbell Viral Ringrooma

J.P.L. Joel Adelia

Kilgus Tequila Briana

Pacific Edge Premier Diva

Pleasant Nook Picture Perfect

DC Comerica Sasscee

Homeridge T Annette

Milk & Honey Vaden Fern

Morningmist Joel Ivana

SSF Andreas Camilla

Summer Breeze Tequila Gayle

Meadowridge Vitality Strawberry
River Valley Colton Juliette
Rolling Spring Premier Lucille
Seacord Howacres Tesla
Stoney Point Joel Bailey
Sugar Brook Bartender Bridgett

Aged Cow
Edgelea Tequila Sheraton

Oeh-My Valentino Patience

Sugar Brook Joel Jeopardy
SVHeaths Tequila Jolie

Triple-T-Heaths Getaway To Cancun
Woodmohr Forever Faithful

Lifetime Production Cow
Kash-In Fearless Lady {4}

LC Success Abilene

Pleasant Nook Vincent Cupcake

Stoney Point Impression Blenda

Townside Tequila Response R

Woodmohr Townside Re-Vive

Junior Best Three Females
Discovery Genetics

Highlife Jerseys
Kash-In Jerseys
Roc-N-Roll Jerseys
Schulte Bros. Jerseys
Vierra Dairy Farms

Senior Best Three Females
Avonlea Genetics
Discovery Genetics
Pacific Edge
Pleasant Nook Jerseys
Spring Valley/Heath
Stoney Point Jerseys

Produce of Dam
Discovery Genetics #1
Discovery Genetics #2
Discovery Genetics #2
Pacific Edge
Win-Top Jerseys
Z-Class Genetics

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