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Tierney Farm Jerseys Celebrate New Scores

Tierney Farm Jerseys in Malone, NY kicked off the holiday season ‘merry and bright’ with a visit from the classifier! Highlights include two 6th lactation cows that were raised to EX-93: Tierneys Getaway to Tahiti and Tierneys Incentive Luau!

Other highlights include other raised Excellent cows:

Tierneys Viral Lollipop – EX-92 – 3rd lact
Tierneys Getaway to Louisville – EX-92 – 5th lact
Tierneys Gentry Luxury – EX-91 – 5th lact
Tierneys Venom Liz – EX-91 – 4th lact
New Excellent Cows:
Tierneys Comerica Piper – EX91 – 7th lact
Tierneys Gentry Latte EX-90 – 2nd lact
Tierneys Andreas Lonilu EX-90 – 2nd lact
Tierneys Viral Le toile – EX-90- 3rd lact
Tierneys Fizz Pepsi – EX-90- 4th lact
Very Good 1st & 2nd lactation cows:

Tierneys Viral Landree – VG88 – 2nd lact
Tierneys Joel Lucia – VG88 – 2nd lact

Tierneys Gentry Paprika – VG87- 2nd lact

Tierneys VIP Lizbeth – VG86 – 1st lact
Tierneys Dirk Lulubelle – VG85 – 1st lact
Tierneys Oliver Locket – P – VG85 – 2nd lact
Current herd breakdown – 58 cows: 27 – Excellent, 30 – Very Good, 1 – Desirable
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