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2019 US National Holstein Convention

The 2019 US National Holstein Convention was held June 24-27 in Appleton, WI. Over 1200 people attended this year’s convention, which featured numerous Junior Holstein activities and contests, the Annual Meeting, National Board Elections and an inaugural Genetics Conference.

Day 1 kicked off with farm tours at Milksource Genetics, Synergy Dairy Farm, Siemers Holsteins and Hilrose Holsteins. Lunch was also served at the brand-new Wisconsin Discovery Center.

The Annual Meeting and Regional Caucuses were held on Wednesday, with the National Convention Sale held that evening. See Cowsmo’s coverage of the sale HERE!

The Annual Meeting resumed Thursday afternoon with Board and Officer elections.
President – Corey Geiger, WI
Vice-President – Johnathan Lamb, NY
Region 1 Director – Steve Keene, ME
Region 4 Director – Benjamin Newberry, GA
Region 6 Director – Spencer Hackett, MN
At-Large Director – Peter Dueppengiesser, WI

Thursday evening was host to Gala Banquet, which recognized the past year’s outstanding members’ achievements. Awards included:
Distinguished Leadership Award – George Miller, OH (accepted by Jeff Ziegler, Select Sires)
Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder Award – Sheri Regan-Danhof, IA
Elite Breeder Award – David Bachmann, Sr., WI

Jenny Thomas of Triple-T Holsteins, OH, accepted the award for T-Triple-T Platinum-ET, 2018 Star of the Breed. Six Distinguished Junior Member Finalists were also announced: Allison Breunig, WI; Kalista Hodorff, WI; Brock Irwin, IL; Sarah Thomas, NC; Taylor Wolfe, PA; and Lora Wright, MO.

President Boyd Schaufelberger gave his closing remarks at President and welcomed Corey Geiger as the 2019-2020 President of Holstein Association, USA.

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