2019 National Holstein Convention Sale

June 26, 2019 @ Appleton, WI

Mike & Leslie Santos, center, consignors of Lot 1, high selling Genomic female for $300,000.

The 2019 National Holstein Convention Sale took place on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 in Appleton, WI! The sale consisted of two halves – beginning with the genomic lots then a short break for dinner before selling the live lots. The genomic section averaged $45,493 on 28 lots; and the live section averaged $5,475 on 52 live and choice lots!

Guest Performance ~ The Star Spangled Banner by Chris Kroeze, Singer & Songwriter
(sponsored by the Barron County Holstein Breeders) and Chris also provided the ‘half-time’ entertainment.

Sale Management and Clerk 
Great Northern Land & Cattle Co., Inc.
[email protected]

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Sale Highlights

Lot 1G – $300,00 – Terra-Linda Tahiti 10343-ET, a 3/19 Tahiti daughter at +2944 GTPI & +1109NM – the highest GTPI & NM$ heifer ever to sell at public auction!
Consignor: Terra Linda Dairy, CA
Buyer: Progenesis, ON

Lot 2G – $197,000 – T-Spruce Crimson 12938-ET, a 1/19 Crimson +2912 GTPI – the #3 Crimson in the breed!
Consignor: T-Spruce Holsteins, MN
Buyer: PEAK Genetics, WI

Lot 3G – $135,000 – Lambrecht Milktime Amelia-ET, a 2/19 Milktime from the Rudy Missy family at +2898 GTPI & +1033NM$ – the #2 GTPI & #1 NM$ Milktime in the breed!
Consignor: Lambrecht Dairy LLC, WI
Buyer: Select Sires, OH

Lot 4G – $58,000 – SDG 2960 Medley 4314-ET, a 2/19 Medley at +2902 GTPI & +1194 DWP$ – the #2 Medley in the breed!
Consignor: James Vierhout, IA
Buyer: ST Genetics, TX

Lot 5G – $56,000 – Melarry Solution Wonder-ET, a 1/9 Solution at +2866 GTPI +1045NM$ +1155DWP$
Consignor: Melarry Farms, MN
Buyer: De Novo Genetics, WI

Lot 6G – $75,000 – Dewgood 720 J Cringle-ET, a 1/19 Crimson at +2851 GTPI +1198DWP$ from the Rudy Missy family.
Consignor: E. Dean & Wanda Good, WI
Buyer: Pine Tree Dairy, OH

Lot 7G – $45,000 – Rickland Solution 7883-ET, a 1/19 Solution at +2863 GTPI +2.64T A2A2 from the Juror Faith family
Consignor: Rickert Bros LLC
Buyer: Twin Spruce Holsteins, MN

Lot 8G – $46,000 – Trifecta M 18006-ET, a 12/18 Huey at +2860 GTPI – the #4 Huey in the breed from the MOM Halo branch of the Dellia family.
Consignor: Trifecta Genetics, CA
Buyer: De Novo Genetics, WI

Lot 9G – $25,000 – Danhof Renegade Dora-ET, a 1/19 Renegade at +2846 GTPI +971NM$
Consignor: Jason & Sheri Danhof
Buyer: Terra Linda Dairy, CA

Lot 10G – $24,500 – Aardema Crimson 44113-ET, a 1/19 Crimson at +2818 GTPI +1049NM A2 A2 from the Dalse Bomaz 1551 family.
Consignor: Twin Ridge Genetics, ID
Buyer: Hilmar Holsteins, CA

Lot 11G – $14,500 – Winstar Rolan 5648-ET, a 1/19 Rolan at +2812 GTPI +999NM$ from the Cosmopolitan family.
Consignor: Winstar Genetics LLC, ID
Buyer: Twin Ridge Genetics, ID

Lot 12G – $26,000 – Westcoast Alcove Riza 7565-ET, a 8/18 Alcove at +2862 GTPI from the same family as Rubicon.
Consignor: Westcoast Holsteins, BC
Buyer: Kyle Pundasack, MN

Lot 13G – $28,000 – Siemers Trno Calia 30226-ET, a 9/18 Tarrino at +2854 GTPI +957NM$.
Consignor: Siemers Holstein Farm, WI
Buyer: ST Genetics, TX

Lot 14G – $25,500 – IVF session from Melarry Medley 3354-ET, +2861 GTPI from six generations of VG & EX dams!
Consignor: Melarry Farms, MN
Buyer: Siemers Holsteins, WI

Lot 15G – $23,200 – Lars-Acres Solution NHL-ET, a 12/18 Solution at +2798 GTPI +1003NM$ & +1313DWP$ – a top 10 DWP$ heifer in the breed!
Consignor: Larson Acres Inc., WI
Buyer: ST Genetics, TX

Lot 16G – $23,500 – Level-Plain Ach Venom-ET, a 10/18 Achiever at +2845 GTPI +1007NM$ & +1213DWP$
Consignor: Keith Nettekoven, WI
Buyer: ST Genetics, TX

Lot 17G – $16,500 – Welcome-Tel Honda Heade-ET, a 2/19 Honda at +2856 GTPI from the MOM Halo branch of the Dellia family!
Consignor: Welcome Stock Farm, NY
Buyer: Kings Ransom Farm, NY

Lot 18G – $26,000 – Morningview Smp 6303-Red-ET, a 10/18 polled red Simplicity-P at +2675 GTPI from the Roxys!
Consignor: Tom Schmidt & Reiter Dairy, IA
Buyer: Ed Peck, WI

Lot 19G  – $9,000 – Danhof Escobr Adelle-Red-ET, a Escobar-P at +2680 GTPI – the #6 GTPI Red female in the breed from the Altitudes!
Consignor: Jason & Sheri Danhof, IA
Buyer: Pine Tree Dairy, OH

Lot 21G – $12,500 – Cherrypencol P Linda-ET, a 3/19 Riveting at +2858 GTPI – the #9 Riveting in the breed!
Consignor: Pen-Col Farms & Hembury Farms, PA
Buyer: Rickert Bros., WI

Lot 22G – $16,000 – Co-Op Dynasty 8421 8894-ET, a 4/18 Dynasty at +2818  GTPI +93P – the #5 Protein female in the breed!
Consignor: Genesis Cooperative Herd, WI
Buyer: Ed Jasurda, WI

Lot 23G – $10,000 – BGP Big Bubba Havana-ET, a 6/18 Big Bubba at +2802 GTPI A2A2 – the #4 Bubba in the breed!
Consignor: Tim & Tammy Van Haitsma, MI
Buyer: Eric Westendorp, MI

Lot 24G – $28,000 – Zimmerview Kanzo Kit-ET, a 10/18 Kanzo at +2830 GTPI +973NM – the #8 Kanzo in the breed!
Consignor: Zimmerview Dairy, OH
Buyer: De Novo Genetics, WI

Lot 25G – $20,200 – Aardema Juicy 31878-ET, a 7/18 Juicy at +2797 GTPI from the Tui Onyx Nick family.
Consignor: Twin Ridge Genetics, ID
Buyer: Winstar Genetics, ID

Lot 26G – $9,000 – Westcoast Timbrlk CB6391 8402-ET, a 2/19 Timberlake at +2820 GTPI & +992NM from the Chassitys!
Consignor: Westcoast Holsteins, BC
Buyer: James Vierhout, IA

Lot 27G – $9,200 – SS-TM Challenge Ada 1586-ET, a 10/18 Challenger at +2824 GTPI & 1142DWP$ from the Durham BC Annabell family.
Consignor: Tom Mercuro & Scott Sollenberger, PA
Buyer: Tom Mercuro, MD

Lot 28G – $9,500 – Dinomi Crimson Radical 5132-ET, a 2/19 Crimson at +2774 GTPI +991$NM Crimson from the Rudy Missy family.
Consignor: Vincent Migliazzo & Matt Hendel, MN
Buyer: Twin Ridge Genetics, ID

Lot 29G – $5,750 – Pine-Tree 7456 Bloo 8210-ET, a 12/18 Bloomfield at +2802 GTPI – the #1 Bloomfield in the breed!
Consignor: Matthew Steiner, OH
Buyer: Jonathan & Alicia Lamb, NY


Lot 3 – $10,000 – Our-Favorite Wicked-ET, a 9/18 Avalanche at +4.16T out of Our-Favorite Endless-ET EX-94, the Doorman daughter of Our-Favorite Unlimited EX-94 – dam of Undenied!
Consignor: Todd, Mary & Cade Stanek, WI
Buyer: Steve Summers, WI

Lot 1 – $11,000 – Milksource Zest-ET, a 12/17 Avalanche – Junior Champion at the 2019 Midwest National Spring Show – out of Beaverbrock Goldwyn Zoey EX-94 2E, nominated All-American 5-Year-Old in 2018!
Consignor: Milksource Genetics, WI
Buyer: Reyncrest Farms, NY

Lot 35 – $12,800 – Ms Blexys Drmn Blythe-ET, a 12/18 Doorman out of Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn EX-96 2E, the Supreme Champion at the 2017 World Dairy Expo and All-American Aged Cow 2017!
Consignor: Clark Woodmansee III and Tim & Sharyn Abbott, CT
Buyer: Michael Oliver, WA

Lot 34 – $15,000 – Blexys Doorman Brandy-ET, a 9/17 Doorman out of EX-96 Blexy due in February to Unix.
Consignor: Matt Iager, MD
Buyer: Hill, Woodmansee, Abbott, MD

Lot 6 – $11,500 – Synergy Smoke Show-Red-ET, a fancy 3/19 Unstopabull-Red out of five VG & EX dams. Her maternal sister was Reserve All-American Fall Calf in 2018!
Consignor: Synergy Family Dairy, WI
Buyer: Nolan Lambrecht, WI

Lot 38 – $9,200 – TriKoebel Diamond Gem-Red-ET, Junior Champion Mid-East Spring National R&W Show ’19. Diamondback due 5/20 to Unstopabull x 4x Nom. All-American R&W Ms TriKoebel Glamour-Red-ET EX-92 x 9 more EX from the Roxys
Consignor: Chris & Jen Hill, Matt Hawbaker & T&L Cattle, MD
Buyer: G&H Dairy, CA

Lot 10 – $24,000 – Petitclerc Doorman Sapphire-ET, Grand Champion, Midwest Spring National Junior Show ’19, Res. All-American Spring Yearling ’18, from the tremendous Brabantdale Triumphant Spooky EX-2E family.
Consignor: Grant Vosters, WI
Buyer: Siemers Holsteins, WI

Lot 9 – $12,700 – Lizettes Avalanche Londa-ET, +4.22T Summer Yearling x All-Canadian Lottos Atwood Lizette-ET EX-94 x All-American & All-Canadian Winterbay Goldwyn Lotto EX-95.
Consignor: Budjon Farms & Peter & Lyn Vail, WI
Buyer: Golden Oaks Farms, IL

Lot 11 – $8800 – L-Maples Dfnt Cassey-Red-ET, Junior 2yr Old maternal sister to All-American R&W Aged Cow L-Maples Hvezda Calli-Red EX-94 backed by 3E-91 x 3E-91 x VG-86
Consignor: Tom R. Lyon, WI
Buyer: Siemers Holsteins, WI

Sale Order & Updates

Sale order HERE
Sale Update 1/2 HERE
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Sale Highlights

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Lot 3: 10 generations of VG or EX backs fall calf Our-Favorite Wicked-ET! Granddam, Our-Favorite Unlimited is the dam to Bull Our-Favorite C Limitless-ET.
Consigned by: Todd, Mary & Cade Stanek, WI

Lot 6: Unstopabull Spring Calf sells from Reserve Jr. All-American R&W Synergy Always Smokin-Red EX-90 EX-MS!
Consigned by: Synergy Family Dairy, WI

Lot 23: This Diamondback Spring Calf sells backed by 11 generations of VG or EX! Consigned by Justin & Kayla Langer and Tom Bresser, WI.
Dam: Milksource aDV Lilac-Red-ET EX94

  • Res. Grand Champion Int. R&W Jr Show ’14
  • Jr. All-American R&W 4-Year-Old ’14
  • Nom. All-American R&W 4-Year-Old ’14
  • Nom. Jr. R&W Cow of the Year ’14

Lot 25: Spring Yearling Jacoby granddaughter of EX-95 Camomile. She sells bred (5/15/19) to sexed Undenied.
Consigned by: Bulldog Holsteins, MD

Lot 39: Avalanche Winter calf sells from Miss Pottsdale DFI Tang-Red EX94 EEEVE, 1st 5-Year-Old & HM Senior Champion – Midwest Spring National R&W Show ’19
Consigned by: Golden Oaks Farm, IL

Lot 49: Fall Yearling from Barbara! Gold Barbara Brocode-ET sells bred to Unix!
Consigned by: Matt Iager DVM, MD-West-View Genetics, MD