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2014 All Britain Awards Finalists announced

Holstein UK are delighted to announce the finalists of the 2014 All Britain Awards.  This year’s judges were Kevin Wilson (Warnelview), Michael George (Brynhyfryd), and Dennis Smith (Oakroyal). 

Due to the nature of the entries, the heifer age ranges have been altered; and all cows have been newly grouped into Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Mature based on age not lactations.

Junior Calf Class
Panda Aftereight Gold
Firstlook Aftershock Ricki
Wyndford Aikman August 31
Ards Atwood Ashlyn
Boltonmanor Saloon Ann 15
Nobold Lauthority TLC Rosie

Intermediate Calf Class
Riverdane SVS Atlee
Sterndale Shadow Anna
Boltonmanor Lavanguard Sadie 5
Vetech Braxton Elegant
Logan Braxton Ambrosia
Priestland 5564 Fever Farrah

Senior Calf Class
Carhall Brady Elizabeth 4
Holmland Goldchip Alanya
Knowlesmere Shadow Diamond
Knowlesmere Goldwyn Abrakaboom
Sterndale Goldchip Ashlyn
Dalevalley GWY Embrace

Junior Heifer in Milk
Parkend Director Starlet Red
Treetop Gold Vanessa
Holmland Lavenguard Pledge
Glamour Iota Ambrosia
Ortongrange Snowman Alysia
Richaven Sid Squaw 3 ET

Intermediate Heifer in Milk
Topcroft Senston Harebell 2
Sahara Windy Tessie
Lynholme Golden Winter
Cramar Sid Fran
Wiltor Atwood Sharon
Aintree Windbrook Nugget

Senior Heifer in Milk
Sterndale Atwood Noel
Riverdane Sid Atlee
Wormanby Atwood Linda
Mikali Seaver D Erle
Riverdane Fever Spotless
Richaven Goldwyn Squaw 6

Junior Cow
Wormanby Aftershock Gloriette
Milliedale Dusk Rhapsody
Ards Atwood Lou Ella
Wyndford Earl Winsome 87
Parkend Sanchez Tamara
Richaven Rapture Rebecca

Intermediate Cow
Riverdane Gold Angel
Riverdane Talented Ashlyn
Wormanby Bottle Mahala
Davlea Goldwyn Lulu 2
Sahara Goldwyn Sara 2nd
Helton Goldwyn Clarissa

Senior Cow 
Meiklelfirth Plaid Lutske
Washfold Monica 117
Wyndford Goldwyn Erle
Dilandy Debonair Tabitha Red
Cramar M M Misha
Neatishall Decker Rosina

Mature Cow 
Knowlesmere Jordan Diamond
Peak Gold Rhapsody
Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody
Wyndford Mr Sam Margi
Castellhyfryd Spirte Rosina
Bilsrow Gibson Ada

Congratulations to all!


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