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1st German Masters Sale huge success

The 1st edition of the German Masters Sale was held on Saturday, October the 18th. A large crowd with visitors from all over the World enjoyed the great atmosphere at this event.

The 89 lots in the catalogue were selling under the auctioneer hammer of Andreas Aebi from Switzerland. The average price was EUR 7.377,44. There where buyers from 12 different countries and a top seller of EUR 84.000.

The top seller of the German Masters Sale 2014 was NH-HS Marilyn Monroe, a Balisto daughter from the Caps Mairy cow family, she has been genomic tested with great numbers; over 2500 GPTI, over 160 RZG and over 3600 DGV LPI! Sunview Holsteins from Canada was the final bidder on her for EUR 84.000.

Statistics German Masters Sale 2014:
87 lots (heifers + 1st Choices)
82 lots sold and averaged: EUR 7.377,44
Range: EUR 1.500 – EUR 84.000
5 Embryo Lots sold, average: EUR 620,– / embryo
Sale management: Nosbisch Holsteins, RUW & Eurogenes





NH HS Balisto Marily Monroe

€ 84.000

Sunview Holsteins


EBH Mandoline

€ 27.000

Drouner-, Duindam Holsteins & DG

The Netherlands

Eit A-Girl-Red

€ 24.000

Colonia Cows


Caps DKR Bayla 2-ET

€ 23.500

Hackett Holsteins & DG-UK

United Kingdom

1st choice Female

€ 22.500

Anderstrup- & Nosbisch Holsteins

Denmark / Germany

M.E.DAL NH Inlove

€ 20.000

Jungclaus & Holstein Select


RR Applause-Red

€ 16.000

Azienda, Agricola Scoglio


Vekis Sudan Mellow VG-87-DE 2yr.

€ 16.000

Colonia Cows


I-Cow Aurora

€ 14.000

G. Kerssies

The Netherlands

DG Rijnhof Nylah

€ 13.000

JK Eder Holsteins

The Netherlands

PG Desu Stylish

€ 13.000


The Netherlands

1st choice Female Lauzenza

€ 12.200

Hood Holsteins


DG Bethany *RC

€ 12.000

Azienda, Agricola Scoglio


RZH Sania

€ 12.000

Al-Be-Ro Holsteins


Ms Kikuyasu 056

€ 12.000

M. Dassler


Top 15. German Masters Sale 2014


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