The Jersey Event Sale Averages $7,402!

August 22, 2021 @ Lebanon, PA

The Jersey Event Live Sale 2021 took place on Friday, August 20th, 2021 in Lebanon, PA. 59 live lots and choices (58 Jerseys and one Wagyu) passed through the ring and averaged $7,402!
Top seller at $70,000 was Lot 27 – SSF Andreas Camilla VG-88%, a senior 3-year-old Andreas out of SSF Adam Caylee EX-93% then five more VG & EX dams. Consigned by Pat Conroy & Aaron Eaton, she was purchased by Ernest Kueffner and Terri Packard of South Mountain Jerseys, Boonsboro, MD.

Schedule of Events
Friday, August 20th
Cattle Viewing All Day
6:30pm … The Jersey Event Live Sale

Saturday, August 21st
1:00pm … Showmanship
4:00pm … Heifer Show

Sunday, August 22nd
8:00am … Cow Show

Sale Manager
The Jersey Event
[email protected]

Sale Sponsors
Heath Jerseys
Michael Heath
[email protected]

Spatz Cattle Co.
Jake & Megan Spatz
717-269-6983 Jake
717-917-3396 Megan
[email protected]

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Top Sellers

Lot 27 – $70,000 – SSF Andreas Camilla VG-88%, a senior 3-year-old Andreas out of SSF Adam Caylee EX-93% then five more VG & EX dams
Buyer: Ernest Kueffner and Terri Packard, MD

Lot 28 – $54,000 – Hobby Hills Abigail, a 9/19 Gentry milking yearling for 2021!
Buyer: Glamourview, MD

Lot 56 – $32,500 – Fostton-Underground 551-ET, a 5/21 polled red Wagyu
Buyer: Brad Barham, CA

Lot 9 – $25,500 –  Four-Hills Joel Baracuda-ET, a 3/20 Joel that was Reserve All-American Spring Calf in 2020 out of an EX-92% Response.
Buyer: Glamourview, MD

Lot 39 – $17,200 – Brenbe Gunman Glamour, a 6/20 Gunman out of four VG & EX-CAN dams looking great for the summer yearling class!
Buyer: RCD Jerseys, PA

Lot 1A –  $14,200 – Kevetta Nuance Vanessa-ET, a 9/20 Nuance out of EX-96% Oakfield Tbone Vivianne!

Lot 21 – $12,800 – Cowbell Viral Ringrooma-ET, a VG-87% Viral out of five EX dams

Lot 23 – $12,000 – Jasmari Sensational Stunna-ET, a 3/20 VIP out of an EX-90 Sultan, then Edn-Ru Tequila Lilaes Lilac EX-95%
Buyer: Dyment, Eaton & Conroy, NY

Lot 2 – $10,800  – Opportunity MPH Presto Veda-ET, a 5/21 Presto out of Kevetta Chrome Violin EX-91%, Intermediate Champion at the 2021 Midwest Spring Show. Veda is now the #9 Type Heifer in the Breed at +2.2T and 28.6 GJUI

Lot 22 – $7,900 – Spatz Chrome Salina, a Chrome junior 2-year-old out of an EX-93% Getaway, then EX-94% and EX-95% dams

Lot 49 – $6,900 – Gypsy Hill Black Apple Cameo, a Black Apple senior 2-year-old out of an EX Excitation dam

Lot 3 – $6,800 – Arethusa Shut Out Colby-ET, a 3/20 Shut Out from Arethusa Veronicas Comet-ET EX-95%, then EX-97% Veronica

Lot 20 – $6,700 – Rapid Bay Gorgeous Glisten-ET, a 12/19 Vaden back to Vandenberg Amedeo Gorgeous EX-97-3E-CAN

Lot 48 – $6,200 – Labels Out Andreas Mesohorny-ET, a 9/20 Andreas that was Junior Champion at the Troy Fair in 2021 out of an EX-93% Voltage dam

Lot 12 – $6,000 – South Mountain Presto Carnival-ET, a 3/21 Presto out of an EX-90% Torpedo, then Chilli Premier Cinema-ET EX-93%

Lot 13 – $6,000 – ENT-LLR-MPH Caliban Cora-ET, a 3/21 Caliban out of Elliotts Regency Corrina-ET EX-93%, then Chilli Premier Cinema-ET EX-93%

Lot A – $5,500 – First choice of VIP or Joel females due September, 2021 out of Pleasant Nook Tequila EX-96-2E-CAN, All-Canadian Mature Cow in 2017

Lot B – $5,300 – First choice of four Kid Rock heifers born June, 2021 out of Elliots Cosmo Action-ET EX-93%, ABA All-American Senior 3-Year-Old 2014

Lot 17 – $5,200 – Milksource Goff Callme Maybe, a 12/20 Chrome out of 2x All-American, Goff Andreas Mae EX-91%

Lot 40 – $5,200 – Brenbe Chocolatier Zora, a 9/20 Chocolatier that traces back to Brenbe Giller Zambuca EX-95-4E-CAN, All-Canadian Junior 3-Year-Old in 2009.

Sale Highlights

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Lot 39

 Lot 40