Swiss Expo 2019

January 9-12 @ Lausanne, Switzerland


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The complete Image Gallery for the Swiss Expo 2019 is now available for you to view, share and purchase photos. In its 23rd year, Swiss Expo 2019 took place January 9-12 in Beaulieu Lausanne. More than 1000 of the best Holsteins, Jerseys, Red & White and Brown Swiss cows were exhibited, and Cowsmo was covering the event LIVE, thanks to the sponsorship of SwissGenetics.

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January 9, 14:00 … Showmanship Young Breeders

January 10, 19:30 … Jersey Show, Judge Bruno Charrière, Switzerland

January 11, 9:00 … Brown Swiss Show, Judge Giuseppe Beltramino, Italy
January 11, 15:00 … Red Holstein Show, Judge Marc-Henri Guillaume, Switzerland

January 12, 8:30 … Holstein Show, Judge Pascal Henchoz, Switzerland





Supreme Champion

Sunibelle Dempsey Esprit (Dempsey), Grand Champion Holstein & Reserve Best Udder, M & N von Kanel, Gary Jones & Pat Conroy, CH/IRL/USA

Supreme of Dual Breeds

Supreme Champion Dual Breeds
KATE (Renato),  Champion Swiss Fleckvieh, BG Jungen, CH





Simmental Champion

Grand Champion Simmental
Ryters Flavio AMYLOU (Flavio), Hanspeter & Peter Ryter, CH
Reserve Grand Champion Simmental
Simenoud Adi FANTAISIE (Adi) Sebastien & Antoine Menoud, CH

Braunvieh Champion

Grand Champion Braunvieh
VIONA (Roos OB Vento Voran), Rene Imoberdorf René, CH
Reserve Grand Champion Braunvieh
PAMELA (Markus) Samurel Bergmann, CH

Montbeliarde Champion

Grand Champion Montbeliarde
GITANE (Gedeon JB) Michel Chaubert, CH
Reserve Grand Champion Montbeliarde
Praz-Tecot Cargo CALIFORNIE (Cargo) Pierre Guignard, CH

Swiss Fleckvieh Champion

Grand Champion Swiss Fleckvieh
KATE (Renato) BG Jungen, CH
Reserve Grand Champion Swiss Fleckvieh
MELITA (Plattery Blitz Odyssey)Michel, Michael & Alexandre Rey, CH

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