Swiss Expo 2018

January 10th-13th, 2018 @ Lausanne, Switzerland

Swiss Expo 2018 took place at the Expo Beaulieu Lausanne January 10th-13th in Lausanne, Switzerland. Cowsmo provided coverage of the Holstein, Red & White, Jersey and Brown Swiss Shows thanks to Swissgenetics.

The Complete Image Gallery for the Swiss Expo 2018 is now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.

Jersey Show here
Brown Swiss heifer show here
Brown Swiss Cow show here
Red Holstein heifer show here
Red Holstein Intermediate Cow show here
Red Holstein Senior Cow show here
Holstein heifer show here
Holstein Intermediate cow show here
Holstein Senior cow show here
Supreme Champion show here
Swiss Expo candids here

Thursday, January 11th
19h45…Jersey Show, Judge Barclay Phoenix, ON, Canada
Friday, January 12th
9h00…Brown Swiss Show, Judge Barclay Phoenix, ON, Canada
15h00…Red Holstein Show, Judge Adam Liddle, NY, US
18h30…Red Holstein Show, Judge Adam Liddle, NY, US
Saturday, January 13th
8h30…Holstein Heifer Show, Judge Barclay Phoenix, ON, Canada
13h00…Holstein Cow Show, Judge Barclay Phoenix, ON, Canada

Supreme Champion

Rogy Goldwyn Ghardaia, Holstein, Joe Demierre, CH