St Lawrence County Club Show 2020

August 13, 2020 @ Gouverneur, NY

Adam Liddle, NY

The class winning 4-year-old caught judge Adam Liddle’s eye as he made her his Senior & Grand Champion winner of the 2020 St Lawrence County Club Show. Congratulations Steve Morrill & Jack Zeh on your win with Telstar Franchise Helen-ET! Cowsmo was on-hand capturing results and photos thanks to Dr. Jack Zeh of the Town & Country Vet Clinic.

Senior & Grand Champion Open Show

Senior & Grand Champion of the Open Show
Telstar Franchise Helen-ET, 1st 4-year-old, Steve Morrill, Jack Zeh

Reserve Senior & Grand Champion of the Open Show
Midas Touch Cheech-Red, 1st Junior 3-year-old, Loren Putnam

Senior & Grand Champion Junior Show

Senior & Grand Champion of the Junior Show
Midas Touch Cheech-Red, 1st Junior 3-year-old, Loren Putnam

Reserve Senior & Grand Champion of the Junior Show
Interflame Defiant Destiny, 1st Senior 3-year-old, Bailey Wright

Junior Champion Open & Junior Show

Junior Champion of the Open & Junior Show
Petitclerc Unix Summit, 1st Winter Yearling, Hanna Coller

Reserve Junior Champion of the Open & Junior Show
RanWayDropkick Margarita, 1st Fall Calf, Olivia Simser

Spring Calf (12)

1. Midas Touch Effortless, Loren Putman
2. MS Martys Miracle, Co-Vale, Steve Morrill, Jack Zeh
3. (B&O) Midas Touch Doc Randi, David King
4. North Effect Un Poetry-Red, Dennis Snyder
5. (1stJr) Reyncrest EX Dirty Shirley, Ashley Aldous

Winter Calf (11)

1. (B&O) DM Don Sher Denver Magic, Danielle McNeil
2. Midas Touch CRHUL Eve, Jennifer King
3. Midas Touch Enlightenment-ET, Jennifer King
4. Brady Brook Unix Jingle, Loyal Gregory
5. (1st Jr) Everitts Vue Diaback Stella, Sarah Aldous

Fall Calf (7)

1. (1st Jr) RanWayDropkick Margarita, Olivia Simser
2. (B&O) North Effect J Revieve-Red, Dennis Snyder
3. (2nd Jr) Fair Meadow Jordy Ivy-Red, Loren Putnam
4. Stine Road Byway Elle, Emma Stine
5. Smithland At Margartia, Caitlin Bennet

Summer Yearling (10)

1. (B&O) Midas Touch Doc Cochran, Jennifer King
2. OCD Jord Lexicon-Red, David King
3. MS Gerbarten Chill Chil, Steve Morrill & Jack Zeh
4. (1st Jr) Gerbarte Clen Peanut, Jacob Coller
5. Sample KJ Jordy Cider-Red, Kolby Sample

Spring Yearling (2)

1. (1st Jr) MS Martys Solomon Mary, Amelia Rodee
2. Midas Touch TAT Cherish, Hannah Coller

Winter Yearling (3)

1. (1st Jr) Petitclerc Unix Summit, Hanna Coller
2. Petitclerc Solomon Snset, Sarah Rodee
3. (B&O, 2nd Jr) Fair Meadow Air Pars, Loren Putnam

Fall Yearling (1)

1. (B&O) Foy View Uptown Abbey, Makayla Pickerin

Junior Best Three Females

1. Fair Meadow Farm, Loren Putman

Junior 2-year-old (4)

1. (BU, 1st Jr) Retso Goldwyn Cassie-ET, Hannah Coller
2. (B&O) Midas Touch Celebration, Jenifer King
3. MS Opportunity Adalyn-ET, Kolby Sample
4. NorthEffect Temptation-Red, Dennis Snyder

Senior 2-year-old (8)

1. (BU, B&O) Midas Touch Brenn Janet, David King
2. Poppyvale Hypnot Kendra-Red, Elizabeth Trombly Couillard
3. Jericho Dairy Atwood Callyn, Loren Putnam
4. Valley Dell Lotus Sunny-Red, Groeslon Farm
5. DM-DonSher Meridian Frisky, Don McNeil

Junior 3-year-old

1. (BU, 1st Jr) Midas Touch Cheech-Red, Loren Putnam
2. (2nd Jr) Roput Solomon Prenup, Sarah Rodee
3. North Effect DB Paisley-Red, Dennis Snyder

Senior 3-year-old (5)

1. (1st Jr, BU) Interflame Defiant Destiny, Bailey Wright
2. Bronhom BRBWire Ivana-Red, Caitlin Bennet
3. Rocklan Solomn Lidla-ET, Kaleb & Kolby Sample
4. Maple Downs Brash Andie, Kaleb & Kolby Sample
5. Car-J Defiant Dex-TW, Brandy Brook Dairy

4-year-old (7)

1. (BU)Telstar Franchise Helen-ET, Steve Morrill, Jack Zeh
2. Stunning Win Lizzy-ET, Noah & Rayne Ives
3. (B&O) Lavack Rollup Roble, Jay Rizza
4. KlineDell DFT Critic-Red, Don McNeil
5. Vale High Sanchez Bianca, Sara Roberts

5-year-old (5)

1. (B&O, BU) Roput Savannah Rae, James Putnam
2. (1st Jr) T-Farm Aftershock Gusty, Loren Putnam
3. Roput Dempsey Maggie, Jordan Macauley
4. Lavack Pearl McCutchen, Lavack Farms
5. Lavack Pamper Impression, Lavack Farms

Aged Cow (2)

1. (BU) Maple Grad Rambo Tamara, Kaleb & Kolby Sample
2. LFPG Detox, Loyal Gregory

125,000lb Cow (2)

1. Clemel Lheros Peyton, Sydney Bennet
2. Roput GW Atwood Kolie, James Putman

Senior Best Three Females

1. Roput Farm
2. Lavack Farm

Premier Awards

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
Midas Touch