Premier National Junior Brown Swiss Show

September 18, 2023 @ Harrisburg, PA

Ryan Krohlow, WI

Premier National Junior Shows 2023

The Premier National Junior Brown Swiss Show has concluded with Judge Ryan Krohlow, WI selecting Northkill Creek Groovy, Hannah Balthaser, Bernville, PA as Grand Champion and Best Bred and Owned of the Show. Cowsmo was ringside capturing all the action thank to the generous sponsorship of the All American Dairy Show. Live video was provided by 127 Creative and streamed on our show pages as well as YouTube!


GRAND CHAMPION “In Memory of Maddie Johnson”
RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION New Generation Genetics
SENIOR CHAMPION Weaver Show Cattle
INTERMEDIATE CHAMPION Maryland Junior Brown Swiss Association
RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION Stox Dairy, The Daubert Family
BEST BRED & OWNED New Generation Genetics
FIRST PLACE Premier National Junior Show

Crawford County Jr. Holstein Club
“In Memory of Maddie Johnson”
Four Seasons Farm – Rita & James Kennedy Family
Heilinger Swiss (Bruce & Laura Heilinger)
Hills Valley Farm
Hoodstead Farm – Scott & Judy Hood
Kimball-Way Holsteins & Jerseys
Pennsylvania Brown Swiss Association
Rad-ical Genetics
Round Hill Acres
Tom & Joy Crothers
Vine Valley Farm

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion and Champion Bred & Owned
Northkill Creek Groovy, 1st aged cow, Hannah Balthaser, Bernville, PA

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Mases Manor Grandslam Love (Grandslam), 1st component merit cow, Makenna Mase, PA

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Colebrook Creek DT Alina (Dynamite), 1st junior 3-year-old, Abigail Wilber

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Jenlar FC Windmill ETV (First Choice), 1st summer junior 2-year-old, Brody Jackson

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Mases Manor Lethal Weapon (Secret Weapon), 1st spring yearling, Makenna Mase, PA

Reserve Junior Champion
Kourlyn Carter Starlight ETC (Carter), 2nd spring yearling, Kourtney Bell, MD

Spring Calf (15)

1. PA-Lyn-Leigh T Swift ET (Premium), Kaleigh & Colton Hartman
2. Northkill Creek Grandslam Twin (Design), Hannah Balthaser
3. Breeze Ridge F Diana ETV (Foremost), Chloe Setzenfand
4. J Sprout Tallys Teeny (Fever), Julia Sprout
5. Car-A-Mac TO Peachs Petunia (Time Out), Caralyne McEvoy
6. Dare2Dream Trickshot Paris (Trickshot), Dylan Klossner
7. RockyHollow Rampage Oakley (Rampage), Grace Sechler
8. Thorndale Woody Viva ETS (Woody), Trinity Scott
9. All-Glo Rampage Pizza ET (Rampage), Nolan Kummer
10. Champion View Hush Money-ET (Time Out), Ellie Widerman

Winter Calf (21)

1. TopGun C Tickle My Pickle (Carter), Emily Fisher
Brothers Three Doc Wynnie-ETV (Deluxe), Reid Tanis
3. BellValley Pistol Humdinger (Pistol), Brynlee Deeter
4. Northkill Creek Getter Done (Famous), Hannah Balthaser
5. Four Seasons Stretch Juliet (Stretch), David Schultheis
6. La-Mel-Lo Daffy Duann (Skyhigh), Chance Rotz
7. Blessing Garbro F Porsha-ETV (Famous), Molly Bagwell
8. J Sprout Trudys Tiny (Fever), Julia Sprout
9. Rynd-Home Sizzler Fire (Sizzler), Brady Rynd
10. Niermans DD Nightcap (Dipndot), Morgan Stone

Fall Calf (16)

1. Blessing Garbo F Whitney (Famous), Katelyn Taylor
Way Lyn Famous Paris (Famous), Kyle Johnson
3. IE Four Seasons KS Sequin (Kickstart), Josh Fry
4. Gast Vet Norwin Lexington ETV (Norwin), Ellie Widerman
5. Breeze Ridge Sarge Tilly (Sarge), Bryanne Keller
6. IE La-Mel-Lo Night Bug (Whiskey Night), Chance Rotz
7. Reich-Dale Nitro Willow (Nitro), Sarah Aldrich
8. Silver Leaf Bosephus Vegas (Bosephous), Amelia Stone
9.Dubeco Dynamite Adora (Dynamite), Landen Copenhaver
10. Love Haven Prospect Bailey (Prospect), Grace Spadaro

Summer Yearling (12)

1. Northkill Creek Gettin Groovy, Hannah Balthaser
Champion View Bosephus HipHop (Bosephous),
3. Way Lyn Pistol Halo (Pistol), Madison Doyle
4. Laurel-Brook Secret Queso (Secret Weapon), Hannah King
5. My-Ti-Hi Skyhigh Logan (Skyhigh), Luke Mowrer
6. Stylin SW Promise (Secret Weapon), Hayden Weaver
7. Hills Valley LT Dare2Dream (Daredevil), Brody Jackson
8. Tri Swan Juke Whiskey (Juke), Logan Swan
9. Brooke Haven Dynamite Paige (Dynamite), Lydia Hilla
10. Wampole Rampage Labyrinth (Rampage), Charity Wampole

Spring Yearling (7)

1. Mases Manor Lethal Weapon (Secret Weapon), Makenna Mase
2. Kourlyn Carter Starlight ETC (Carter), Kourtney Bell
3. Hell Hollow WF Lethal (Winning Formula), Chase Burkhart
4. Heilinger Starr Calzone OCS (Starr), Madeline Branch
5. Mile High Weapon Joyful (Secret Weapon), Brandon Deeter
6. Trinity Acres Trailer Trash (Rampage), Evelyn Stroud
7. Rynd-Home Rampage Freckles (Rampage), Brady Rynd

Winter Yearling (7)

1. Breeze Ridge Pickles (Bosephus), Zoe Lasley
Lehearth Famous Someday (Famous), Nolan Kummer
3. Northkill Creek Ghost Town, Hannah Balthaser
4. Hills Valley PBall Whopper (Powerball), Brody Jackson
5. Champion View DD Harmony ETV (Daredevil), Ellie Widerman
6. La-Mel-Lo Chances Indy (Jesse), Chance Rotz
7. 840003204141 (Dynamite), Samuel Dulin

Fall Yearling (4)

1. Mases Manor Make Me Famous (Famous), Makenna Mase
2. Fiddler Genetics Thun Shimmer ETV (Thunder), Remington Long
3. CIE Harbro Dynamite Taylor (Dynamite), Jillian Bond
4. Cassells Martini Marligh (Martini), Lucy Mehaffey

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old (2)

1. Jenlar FC Windmill ETV (First Choice), Brody Jackson
2. Miss Famous Maryland (Famous), Grace Strite

Senior 2-Year-Old (8)

1. Riddle Me This GA Lavender (Gamechanger), Hayden Weaver
2. Geisy Manor Tenacious Moonbeam (Tenacious), Lilianna Williams
3. Stox Martini Twist-Twin (Martini), Trey William Daubert
4. Round Hill Seaman Witlee ETV (Seaman), Jacob Pinciotti
5. Heilinger Lightning Strike (Lightning), Jayden Reist
6. Thunder Ridge Dyn Princess (Dynamite), Ben Zeller
7. Irons TY Annie (TY), Cooper Larson
8. Kyles Custom Rampage Millie (Rampage), Lydia Hill

Junior 3-Year-Old (1)

1. Colebrook Creek DT Alina (Dynamite), Abigail Wilber

Senior 3-Year-Old (1)

1. IE Northkill Creek 729 (Daredevil), Hannah Balthaser

4-Year-Old (1)

1. Love Haven Rasta Riley (Rasta), Grace Spadaro

5-Year-Old (1)

1. Laurel-Brook Winning Quest (Winning Formula), Hannah King, PA

Aged Cow (1)

1. Northkill Creek Groovy, Hannah Balthaser, PA

Component Merit Cow (1)

1. Mases Manor Grandslam Love (Grandslam), Makenna Mase, PA