Pot O’Gold Sale 2018

Nov 3, 2018 @ 4:30pm @ Louisville, KY

$2733 avg on 36 head

The 61st Pot O’Gold was held November 3 in New Market Hall in Louisville, KY, as part of the Junior All American Jersey Show and events. The 36 consignments in the sale were a genomic tested group of production oriented heifers. Junior Jersey breeders invest in and build their herds from this program. The average on the Pot O’Gold sale was $2733.

The top selling lot was Lot 135, JX Avi-Lance Bltzar Blitzen 18989 {6} from D&E Jerseys in Dalhart, TS. The heifer sold for $7000 to Jack Swanson of Hilmar, CA.

Second top selling lot was Lot 111 JX Jer-Z-Boyz Got Maid 61357 {6}, consigned by Jer-Z-Boyz of Pixley, CA. She was purchased by Robert Graves of Dundas, IL, for $6200.

Third top selling lot was Lot 104 from D&D Jerseys and Lloyd Heinz, Newton, WI, for $5100. JX Dodan LH Future Trifecta {4}-ET sold to Austin Haywood, Hastings, MI.

Photos of the consignments are available HERE!

Sale updates & health test info

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Sale Staff:
Greg Lavan, JMS Manager … 614.216.8838
Jason Robinson, Logistics and Onsite Supervisor … 614.216.5862
Ron Mosser, AJCA-NAJ Area Representative … 614.264.0142
Kristin Paul, Director of Field Service … 209.402.5679
Seth Israelsen, AJCA-NAJ Area Representative … 614.216.9727
Sara Barlass, AJCA-NAJ Area Representative … 614.256.6502
Danielle Brown, AJCA-NAJ Area Representative … 614.266.2419
Emma Sills, AJCA-NAJ Area Representative … 614.296.3621
Scott Stanford, Type Traits Appraiser … 614.284.1478
Erica Davis, JMS Internet Marketing Coordinator … 614.361.9716
Drew Duncan, Assistant Manager NAJ … 614.266.6916
Neal Smith, AJCA-NAJ Executive Secretary … 209.988.0601
Vickie White, Clerk  … 614.322.4452, office
Chris Hill, Auctioneer … 202.255.7907

Watch live online and register to bid live by going to JerseyAuctionLive.com


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