Ontario Brown Swiss Show 2018

Aug 11, 2018 @ Hanover, ON

Kenneth Empey, ON

The 10th Annual Ontario Brown Swiss Show was held in Hanover, Ontario, on August 11, 2018 at the Hanover Fall Fair Grounds.

A most beautiful summer day, sunny warm with some light breeze for the afternoon.  A nice size ringside was on hand to watch the very, very capable Kenneth R. Empey Jr., of Dorchester, Ontario, place 55 Brown Swiss from 10 Exhibitors in the Open show.  There were 18 Jr. Exhibitors showing calves in the Jr. Division.

Charlene Elliott was named Champion show person and Molly King had the champion calf in the Jr. Show.

Amanda and Andrew Denhan of Glen Islay Swiss, Fergus, received the Grand Champion and Best Udder of the show on their 4 yr old Brown Heaven Mandel Jive.

Troy and Norvel McConnell of Norbella Swiss, Kincardine, received the Premier Breeder award along with Reserve Grand Champion cow, Jr. Champion Heifer, Reserve Jr. Champion Heifer, Jr. Best 3 females, Sr. Best 3 females, and Best Bred and owned of the show. Congratulations to the Norbella team for their support of the show.

John and Shirlee Dortmans of Strathroy won the Premier Exhibitor award with their string of Swiss.

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Norbella Supreme Perfect (Supreme), 1st Junior Yearling, Norbella, ON

Reserve Junior Champion
Norbella Emory Portia (Emory), 1st Summer Yearling, Norbella, ON

Grand Champion

Grand Champion & Best Udder
Brown Heaven Mandel Jive (Mandel), 1st 4yr Old, Glen Islay, ON

Reserve Grand Champion
Norbella Whiskey Paula (Whiskey), 1st Junior 3yr Old, Norbella, ON

Junior Calf (8)

1. Glen Islay Dynamite Fantasy (Dynamite), Glen Islay, ON
2. Glen Islay Dynamite Fashionable (Dynamite), Glen Islay, ON
3. Swisslane Cartel Minnie (Cartel), Swisslane, ON

Intermediate Calf (10)

1. Norbella Biver Doritos (Biver), Norbella, ON
2. Norbella Passat Purple Pie (Pere), Norbella, ON
3. Keviott Acres Norius Elisha (Norius), Parellel Genetics, ON
4. Keviott Acres Allstar Erial (Allstar), Keviott Acres, ON
5. Keviott Acres Biver Estelle (Biver), Keviott Acres, ON

Fall Calf (7)

1.Norbella Supreme Salina (Supreme), Norbella, ON
2. Keviott Acres Carter Expert (Carter), Keviott Acres, ON
3. Gubelman Cadence Kascanda (Cadence), Gubelman, ON
4. Gubelman Biver Dima (Biver), Gubelman, ON
5. Gubelman Falk Detroit (Falk), Gubelman, ON

Summer Yearling (4)

1.Norbella Emory Portia (Emory), Norbella, ON
2. Liberty DeBoer Twilight Mel B (Twilight) Liberty Farm, ON
3. Top Secret Winmore Lucy 2 (Winmore), JS Farrell, ON
4. Gubelman King Cinastasia (King), Gubelman, ON

Junior Yearling (4)

1.Norbella Supreme Perfect (Supreme), Norbella, ON
2. Maycco SK Flower (Special K), May Farm, ON
3. Liberty DeBoer Biver Morgan (Biver), Liberty Farm, ON
4. Gubelman Biver Dusty (Biver), Gubelman, ON

Winter Yearling (1)

1.Maycco G. Fantana (Goldwin), May Farm, ON

Senior Yearling (1)

1.Maycco Flora (Flash), May Farm, ON

Junior Best 3

1. Norbella, ON
2. Keviott Acres, ON
3. May Farm, ON
4. Gubelman, ON

Junior 2yr Old (7)

1.(BU) Swisslane Richard Karma (Richard), Swisslane, ON
2. Miss KP Sallie (Kingpin), J&S Dortmans, ON
3. Maycco SK Flipee (Special K), J&S Dortmans, ON
4. Liberty DeBoer Biver Monique (Biver), Liberty Farm, ON
5. Norbella Richard Pringles (Richard), Norbella, ON

Senior 2yr Old (2)

1.(BU) RNR Kingsman Karlie (Kingsman), J&S Dortmans, ON
2. Gubelman Davenport Chloe (Davenport), Gubelman, ON

3yr old (5)

1.Norbella Whiskey Paula (Whiskey), Norbella, ON
2. Norbella Ammeretto Sweet (Ammeretto), Norbella, ON
3. (BU) Terra Rose BRA Sequin (Braiden), J&S Dortmans, ON
4. Swisslane Faust Melissa (Faust), Swisslane, ON
5. Liberty DeBoer Durham Marissa (Durham), Liberty Farm, ON

Four year old (3)

1.(BU) Brown Haven Mandel Jiver (Mandel), Glen Islay, ON
2. Gubelman Anibal (Anibal), Gubelman, ON
3. Maycco Fascination (Thor), J&S Dortmans, ON

Aged Cow (3)

1.(BU) Toupath Teaton Sky (Teaton), J&S Dortmans, ON
2. Gubelman Dally Dollar (Dally), Gubelman, ON
3. Swisslane Wonderment Mia (Wonderment), Swisslane, ON

Best Udder

Brown Haven Mandel Jive (Mandel), 1st 4yr Old, Glen Islay, ON

Progeny of Dam (3)

1.Swisslane Swiss, ON
2. Liberty Farm, ON
3. Gubelman, ON

Dam & Daughter (4)

1.Swisslane Swiss, ON
2. Gubelman, ON
3. Liberty Farm, ON
4. Gubelman, ON

Best Senior 3 (3)

1.Norbella, ON
2. Swisslane, ON
3. Gubelman, ON

Best 5 females (3)

1.Norbella, ON
2. Gubelman, ON
3. Swisslane, ON

Get of Sire (2)

1.Shiloh Brooking Cadence, Gubelman, ON
2. Scherma Blooming Biver, Gubelman, ON

Premier Awards

Premier Breeder 
Norbella, Troy & Norvel McConnell, ON

Premier Exhibitor
Dortholme, J&S Dortmans, ON


Junior Show Showmanship

Champion Showman
Charlene Elliott
Reserve Champion Showman
Molly King


Junior Show Calf Champion

Champion Calf 
Molly King
Reserve Champion Calf 
Gord Milley