Northeast Spring National Holstein Show 2021

April 3, 2021 @ Hamburg, NY

Mike Duckett, WI

The Northeast Spring National Holstein Show 2021 has finished in Hamburg, NY! Mike Duckett of Rudolph, WI expressed his appreciation for older cows and found his Grand Champion in the 5-year-old class with Underground Adeline, exhibited by Glamourview Farm & Eaton Holsteins. His Reserve Grand Champion was the 2nd place 5-year-old, Genesee Modesto 9619 Melania, exhibited by Elmvue Farm.

Cowsmo was on-hand covering the show with photos and results thanks to our generous sponsors!

Show Sponsors

Thank you to our very generous show sponsors!

Grand Champion - Open Show

Grand Champion – Open Show
Underground Adeline (Awesome-Red), 1st 5-year-old, Glamourview Farm & Eaton Holsteins

Reserve Grand Champion – Open Show
Genesee Modesto 9619 Melania (Modesto), 2nd 5-year-old, Elmvue Farm

HM Grand Champion – Open Show
Ms McGucci Amour-ET (McGucci), 1st senior 2-year-old, William Taylor & Beth Roberts

Senior Champion - Open Show

Senior Champion – Open Show
Underground Adeline (Awesome-Red), 1st 5-year-old, Glamourview Farm & Eaton Holsteins

Reserve Senior Champion – Open Show
Genesee Modesto 9619 Melania (Modesto), 2nd 5-year-old, Elmvue Farm

HM Senior Champion – Open Show
Milk&Honey Atwd Ryme-ET (Atwood), 1st lifetime production cow, Cedar Lane Farm

Grand Champion - Junior Show

Senior & Grand Champion – Junior Show
Liddleholme Andringa (Avalanche), 1st 4-year-old, Hailee Liddle

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion – Junior Show
D-Andrew Absolute Lush (Absolute), 4th aged cow, Kirt Menzi, Jr.

HM Grand Champion – Junior Show
Ransomrail Adhere Willow (Adhere), 7th senior 3-year-old, Mallory Rhodes

Intermediate Champion - Open Show

Intermediate Champion
Ms McGucci Amour-ET (McGucci), 1st senior 2-year-old, William Taylor & Beth Roberts

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Jacobs Impression Roman-ET (Impression), 1st senior 3-year-old, Elmvue Farm

HM Intermediate Champion
Reyncrest Solomn Lucille-ET (Solomon), 1st junior 3-year-old, Reyncrest Farm

Intermediate Champion - Junior Show

Intermediate & HM Grand Champion – Junior Show
Ransomrail Adhere Willow (Adhere), 7th senior 3-year-old, Mallory Rhodes

Reserve Intermediate Champion – Junior Show
How-We-Roll Kngdc Connie-ET (King Doc), 5th senior 2-year-old, Derek George

HM Intermediate Champion – Junior Show
Cal-Denier-I Db Lizzy-ET (Diamondback), 9th senior 2-year-old, Derek George

Junior Champion - Open Show

Junior Champion – Open Show
Reyncrest C Posh Spice-ET (Crushabull), 1st summer yearling, Mackenzie Reynolds & Reyncrest Farm

Reserve Junior Champion – Open Show
EGL-Acres Undenied Sasha (Undenied), 1st fall calf, Emily Lampson

HM Junior Champion – Open Show
Future-Manor Twister-Red-ET (Warrior), 2nd fall calf, Chloe & Claire Lamb

Junior Champion - Junior Show

Junior Champion – Junior Show
Future-Manor Twister-Red-ET (Warrior), 2nd fall calf, Chloe & Claire Lamb

Reserve Junior Champion – Junior Show
Maple-Downs-PV Gracie (Immunity), 1st fall yearling, Alexis Payne

HM Junior Champion – Junior Show
Joleanna Sidekick Bluebird (Sidekick), 2nd spring yearling, Braeden Johnson

Champion Bred & Owned

Champion Bred & Owned – Open Show
Ms McGucci Amour-ET, William Taylor & Beth Roberts

Champion Bred & Owned – Junior Show
Lantland Atwood Eileen, Kirt Menzi Jr

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor of the Heifer Show
Reyncrest Farm

Premier Breeder
Reyncrest Farm

Premier Exhibitor
Elmvue Farm

Winter Calf (8)

1. (B&O) Retro-Ridge Mstr Shirley (Master), Oster & Chittenden
2. Winright Doorman Everly-TW (Doorman), Kaleb Osinga
3. (1st Jr) J-Folts Awe Hallelujah-ET (Awesome), Isaac Folts
4. (2nd Jr) ZBW M Awesome Love (Awesome), Mason Ziemba
5. Cabaret Gold Chip Fiona (Gold Chip), Sarah Malliard
6. Monanfran Levitate Tahiti (Levitate), Bailee Kelsey
7. TTM Aristocrat Gingerbread (Aristocrat), Tom Mercuro
8. Ovaltop Undenied Lacy (Undenied), Deanna Wolfe

Fall Calf (23)

1. (B&O) EGL-Acres Undenied Sasha (Undenied), Emily Lampson
2. (1st Jr) Future-Manor Twister-Red-ET (Warrior), Chloe & Claire Lamb
3. Luncrest Cbul Adear-2245-ET (Crushabull), Luncrest Farm & Reyncrest Farm
4. HC-Rader Crush Scarlett (Crush), Shelby Rader
5. Reyncrest A Landslide-ET (Avalanche), Reyncrest Farm
6. Liddleholme Moriah M (Master), Madison Fisher & Chris Curtiss
7. (2nd Jr) Joleanna Brave Dualipa (Brave), Braeden Johnson
8. Hay-Aud-Ay Un Dusk2Dawn (Undenied), Hayden Ayers
9. Georgetown Denver Marinette (Denver), Parker George
10. St Gen Body Moovin (Moovin), Mason Ziemba

Summer Yearling (21)

1. (B&O) Reyncrest C Posh Spice-ET (Crushabull), Mackenzie Reynolds & Reyncrest Farm
2. Oakfield Denver Fairy-ET (Denver), Black, Mitchell & Liddle
3. Merrillea Bitty Bug (Denver), Merrillea Holsteins
4. Maple-Downs Sdkick Aurora-ET (Sidekick), Alexis Payne
5. (1st Jr) Joleanna Sidekick Rigby (Sidekick), Braeden Johnson
6. Kings-Ransom Tato Cookie-ET (Tatoo), Reyncrest Farm
7. ZBW M Stop La Quarantina (Unstopabull), Mason Ziemba
8. (2nd Jr) Londondale Diamond Emoji-ET (Diamondback), Emma Morrell
9. Penncross Topnotch Sidekick (Sidekick), David Packard
10. Milkworth Undenied Anne (Undenied), Blake Wadsworth

Spring Yearling (11)

1. (B&O) Cornerest Artist Meteor (Artist), Joel Nelson
2. (1st Jr) Joleanna Sidekick Bluebird (Sidekick), Braeden Johnson
3. (2nd Jr) Rise-N-Shine Platinum (High Octane), Amanda Voll
4. JMZ Side Crush (Sidekick), Jason Zimmerman
5. Frederickacres Drmn 1359-ET (Doorman), Mason Benfer
6. J-Folts Awesome Halawa-ET (Awesome), Isaac Folts
7. Whitdale Pileup Lucky (Pileup), Robb Hart
8. ZBW Busta Moove (Moovin), Ziemba & Oster
9. Milkworth Tropic Chamm Jr (Tropic), Blake Wadsworth
10. Ovaltop Doorman Krackle (Doorman), Ashlyn Wolfe

Winter Yearling (9)

1. (B&O) Reyncrest Doorman Greedy-ET (Doorman), Reyncrest Farm
2. Elmvue Doorman Kinetic-ET (Doorman), Elmvue Farm
3. (1st Jr) Liddleholme Ava Mocha-ET (Avalanche), Chloe & Claire Lamb
4. (2nd Jr) Crystal-Star Avln Chanel (Avalanche), Mason Ziemba
5. Cashells Defiant Landshark (Defiant), Ben Cashell & Brett Cowen
6. Liddleholme Avalan Margo (Avalanche), Mason Ziemba
7. Hay-Aud-Ay Jacoby Felicia (Jacoby), Hayden Ayers
8. Wall St Defiant Ebony-ET (Defiant), Erma Wolcott
9. Pavany Hmoon Babydoll (Honeymoon), Caylene Russell

Fall Yearling (11)

1. (1st Jr) Maple-Downs-PV Gracie (Immunity), Alexis Payne
2. Milksource Storm Kat-ET (Thunder Storm), Ransom-Rail, Bob Landis, Jason Kline
3. (B&O, 2nd Jr) Joleanna Denver Vogue (Denver), Braeden Johnson
4. Ms Reyncrest C Babyspice-ET (Crushabull), Mackenzie Reynolds & Reyncrest Farm
5. Oakfield Ava Timeless-ET (Avalanche), Oakfield Corners Dairy
6. TTM Byway Bali-ET (Byway), Katelyn Bell
7. Fairmont Crushabull Lu-ET (Crushabull), Isabel Hall
8. Decker Diamondback Nickal (Diamondback), Brooke & John Calkins
9. Pineyvale Jordy Bear Cub (Jordy), Rose Post
10. Harkenrider Artist Bianca (Artist), John Barrett

Junior Best Three (4)

1. Reyncrest Farm
2. Joleanna Holsteins
3. Oakfield Corners Dairy
4. Isaac Folts

Unfresh Summer Junior 2-Year-Old (1)

1. (1st Jr) Epic-View Solomon Erie (Solomon), Rachel Rouland

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old (2)

1. Pineyvale Solomon Acie (Solomon), Maple-Downs Farms & Peter Vail
2. (B&O) Londondale Tat Brittany-ET (Tatoo), Jordan London & Larry Tobin

Junior 2-Year-Old (5)

1. Liddleholme DM Precious-ET (Doorman), Maple-Downs Farms and Duane Tillapaugh
2. Ms Goldwyn Andrea (Goldwyn), Mackenzie Reynolds
3. Arolene Duhibou Apple Elmay (Apple-Crisp), Elmvue Farm
4. Ovaltop Doorman Elisa-ET (Doorman), Doug Wolfe
5. Kings-Ransom Mnt Cuddles-ET (Monterey), Nate King

Senior 2-Year-Old (13)

1. (B&O) Ms McGucci Amour-ET (McGucci), William Taylor & Beth Roberts
2. HS-Hotstuff An Spicy-Red (Avalanche), Reyncrest Farm & Fly Higher Holsteins
3. Reyncrest Go For Gold (Avalanche), Reyncrest Farm
4. OCD Crushable Sidekick-ET (Crushabull), Oakfield Corners Dairy
5. (1st Jr) How-We-Roll Kngdc Connie-ET (King Doc), Derek George
6. Jacobs Unix Meli-ET (Unix), Elmvue Farm
7. Reyncrest Door Carmen (Doorman), Reyncrest Farm & Cybil Fisher
8. Oakfield Ava Starlight-ET (Avalanche), Oakfield Corners Dairy
9. (2nd Jr) Cal-Denier-I Db Lizzy-ET (Diamondback), Derek George
10. Klinedell Brady Vibe (Brady), John Kline

Junior 3-Year-Old (3)

1. (B&O) Reyncrest Solomn Lucille-ET (Solomon), Reyncrest Farm
2. Ms Opportunity GW Gail-ET (Goldwyn), Kameron Sickles
3. (1st Jr) Millerhurst Airlift Bubbles (Airlift), Coghlan Mullen

Senior 3-Year-Old (7)

1. Jacobs Impression Roman-ET (Impression), Elmvue Farm
2. OCD Defiant Lethal-ET (Defiant), William Taylor & Beth Roberts
3. Stone-Front Solomon Dove (Solomon), Elmvue Farm
4. (B&O) Oakfield Doorm Brilliant-ET (Doorman), Oakfield Corners Dairy
5. Milk&Honey Doorman Jolene (Doorman), Cedar Lane Farm
6. Mer-Acres King Royal Lilly (King Royal), Mason Ziemba
7. (1st Jr) Ransomrail Adhere Willow (Adhere), Mallory Rhodes

4-Year-Old (10)

1. (B&O, 1st Jr)  Liddleholme Andringa (Avalanche), Hailee Liddle
2. Miss Solomon Horizon (Solomon), Horizon Syndicate
3. Bosdale Solomon Portlea (Solomon), Oakfield Corners Dairy
4. Robjo Doorman Embrace (Doorman), Taylor, Allyn, Murphy, Roberts
5. Elmvue Capital Z Nickie (Capital Z), Elmvue Farm
6. Co-Vista Airlift Wendy (Airlift), Bryce Warriner
7. Ovaltop GW Atwood Lexi (Atwood), Doug Wolfe
8. Kings-Ransom Byway Clear (Byway), Nate King
9. Mikelholm Dempsey Bingo (Dempsey), Mikelholm Holsteins
10. Lantland WH Hazlitt (Windhammer), Mallory Rhodes

5-Year-Old (8)

1. Underground Adeline (Awesome-Red), Glamourview Farm & Eaton Holsteins
2. Genesee Modesto 9619 Melania (Modesto), Elmvue Farm
3. (B&O) Kings-Ransom Montry Cans-ET (Monterey), Lauren King
4. St-Jacob Brady Apple Tart (Brady), The Sharpe Family
5. (1st Jr) Kings-Ransom Monterey Clash (Monterey), Adam King
6. Cornerest Damion Lyric (Damion), Mason Ziemba
7. Lantland Atwood Eileen (Atwood), Kirt Menzi Jr
8. Landis-Mrk Byway Dinas Diva (Byway), Olivia Claypoole

Aged Cow (6)

1. Colganados D Avianca-Red (Destry), Oakfield Corners Dairy
2. (B&O) Posthaven Absolute Sasy (Absolute), Andrew Post
3. Ransom-Rail Doorman Alora (Doorman), Jacob & Jared Dueppengiesser
4. (1st Jr) D-Andrew Absolute Lush (Absolute), Kirt Menzi, Jr.
5. Ms Babydoll Im Gorgeous-ET (Goldsun), Beth Roberts
6. Lantland Windbrook Hysteria (Windbrook), Jacob Menzi

Lifetime Production Cow (3)

1. (B&O) Milk&Honey Atwd Ryme-ET (Atwood), Cedar Lane Farm
2. Gillette Lauthority 2nd Run (Lauthority), Oster, Chittenden & Vail
3. Oakfield Reality Harmony-ET (Reality), Oakfield Corners Dairy

Produce of Dam (3)

1. Reyncrest Farm
2. Kings-Ransom
3. Blake Wadsworth

Senior Best Three Females (3)

1. Oakfield Corners Dairy
2. Kings-Ransom
3. Reyncrest Farm