New York Spring Junior Holstein Show 2018

April 7, 2018 at 9am @ Syracuse, NY

Jack Lomeo, Jr., NY

The New York Spring Junior Holstein Show 2018 is now underway, April 7th at 9am, with Jack Lomeo, Jr, NY, serving as judge. Judge Lomeo has just named his Grand Champion, Carpsdale-J Haven Sensation (Haven), 1st Aged Cow. Congratulations to Jacob Menzi, NY. Cowsmo will be covering the event thanks to Performance Probiotics.

New York Spring Dairy Carousel

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The New York Spring Junior Holstein Show 2018 is scheduled for April 7th at 9am, with Jack Lomeo, Jr, NY, serving as judge. Cowsmo will be covering the event thanks to Performance Probiotics.

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
ZBW M Latasha Sol (Solomon), 1st Spring Yearling, Mason Ziemba, NY

Reserve Junior Champion
Ransom-Rail Adhere Willow (Adhere), 1st Fall Calf, Mallory Rhodes, NY

HM Junior Champion
Liddleholme Black Apple-ET (Sid), Grace Depew, NY

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Carpsdale-J Haven Sensation (Haven), 1st Aged Cow, Jacob Menzi, NY

Reserve Grand Champion
Kings-Ransom KB Delicate-ET (Kingboy), 1st Sr. 3 Year Old, Johnathan King, NY

HM Grand Champion
Ransom-Rail Archrl Kaia-ET (Archrival), 1st Sr. 2 Year Old, Kirt Menzi, Jr., NY

Winter Heifer Calf (7)

1. ZBW Capture Loca (Capture), Mason Ziemba, NY
2. Maple-Downs Aniston-Red-ET (Hypnotic), Hannah King, NY
3. Maple-Downs Anissa-Red-ET (Hypnotic), Nate King, NY
4. Country-Path LM Drm Jasmine (Doorman), Lilly Mills & Katelyn Nolt, NY
5. Tiger-Lily Awes Rejoice-Red (Awesome), Lily Marshman, NY

Fall Heifer Calf (15)

1. Ransom-Rail Adhere Willow (Adhere), Mallory Rhodes, NY
2. Liddleholme Black Apple-ET (Sid), Grace Depew, NY
3. Maple-Downs Immunity Jill (Immunity), Kelsey Campbell, NY
4. Ranway Solomon Spicy 110 (Solomon), Bailee Kelsey, Lilly & Logan Mills, NY
5. Maple-Downs Angeline-Red-ET (Awesome), Jenna Warner, NY

Summer Yearling Heifer (15)

1. Maple-Downs Doorman Adalia (Doorman), Tyler Lloyd, NY
2. OCD Blake Fabulous-ET (Blake), Bryce Warriner, NY
3. Mikelholm Dempsey Bingo (Dempsey), Emily Mikel, NY
4. Curr-Vale Jacoby Eira-TW (Jacoby), Rachel Rouland, NY
5. Ridgedale Kardashian, (Byway), Hayden Casler, NY

Spring Yearling Heifer (15)

1. ZBW M Latasha Sol (Solomon), Mason Ziemba, NY
2. Mountain Ridge Doorman Roz (Doorman), Taylor Dinitto, NY
3. Sco-Lo-Kruse Solo Lydia-ET (Solomon), Lilly Mills, NY
4. Luncrest Sid Penelope-ET (Sid), Emily Lampson, NY
5. Pavany Awesome Shania-Red (Awesome), Ryan Lawton, NY

Winter Yearling Heifer (14)

1. Westphal-Elg Memphis-Red (Avalanche), Allison Galton, NY
2. Oakfield Doorman Raindrop (Doorman), Mason Ziemba, NY
3. Lylehaven Dman Lili-ET (Doorman), Brandon Nickerson, NY
4. Milksource Dempsey Kiss-ET (Dempsey), Emily Lampson, NY
5. Earincliffe Sid Addison (Sid), Kyle Barton, NY

Fall Yearling Heifer (8)

1. Pa-A-Plus Armani Gorgeous (Armani), Grace Stroud, NY
2. Reyncrest Doorman Denali-ET (Doorman), Erin Harkenrider, NY
3. Ovaltop Sid Kracker (Sid), Ashlyn Wolfe, NY
4. ZBW M Beemer Lipizzan (Beemer), Mason Ziemba, NY
5. Brabant Airlift Sydney (Airlift), Brabant Farm, NY

Junior Best 3 Females (1)

1. Mason Ziemba, NY

Junior 2 Year Old (3)

1. Tiger-Lily Raer Clover-Red (Rager), Karly Marshman, NY
2. MM-T Pockets Ziva-Red-ET (Awesome), Kolby Sample, NY
3. J-Folts Mayfield Roxy-ET (Mayfield), Isaac Folts, NY

Senior 2 Year Old (7)

1. Ransom-Rail Archrl Kaia-ET (Archrival), Kirt Menzi, Jr., NY
2. Liddleholme Taketwo (Lotus), Hailee Liddle, NY
3. Rocklan-ZBW Penelope (Lotus), Mason Ziemba, NY
4. J-Folts Savior Skittles-ET (Savior), Isaac Folts, NY
5. Lantland Atwood Chex-Mix (Atwood), Jacob Menzi, NY

Junior 3 Year Old (4)

1. Eildon-Tweed Katie, Blake Wadsworth, NY
2. Monanfran Bro April Fool (Brokaw), Lilly Mills, NY
3. Oakfield Add Sammy-Red-ET (Addiction-P), Kaiden Cornell, NY
4. Mikelholm Atwood Bouncer (Atwood), Emily Mikel, NY

Senior 3 Year Old (2)

1. Kings-Ransom KB Delicate-ET (Kingboy), Johnathan King, NY
2. Posthaven As Tizzy (Aftershock), Andrew Post, NY

4 Year Old (4)

1. Windex Fremont Dandy (Fremont), Bryce Windecker, NY
2. Lylehaven Delta Shasta (Delta), Braeden & Xander Johnson, NY
3. Eildon-Tweed Tango Fort (Tango), Blake Wadsworth, NY
4. Ned-El Doorman (Doorman), Elizabeth Swatling, NY

5 Year Old (5)

1. Hez Goldsun Hollis-ET (Goldsun), Kyle Barton, NY
2. Kings-Ransom Benatar Jade (Benatar), Johnathan King, NY
3. Ms ZBW Dempsey Louana (Dempsey), Mason Ziemba, NY
4. Elm-V-F Braxton Shawdow (Braxton), Bryce Warriner, NY
5. Jericho-Dairy Brax Ecklynn (Braxton), Jacob Menzi, NY

Aged Cow (4)

1. Carpsdale-J Haven Sensation (Haven), Jacob Menzi, NY
2.  Lantland Molson Cheddar (Molson), Kirt Menzi, NY
3.  Milk&Honey Aftershock Paige (Aftershock), Matthew Currie, NY
4.  Windex Sanchez Tammy (Sanchez), Bryce Windecker, NY

Produce of Dam (2)

1. Emily Mikel, NY
2. Mason Ziemba, NY