Interior Provincial Exhibition Holstein Show

August 29, 2018 @ Armstrong, BC

Ryan Friesan, SK

The  Interior Provincial Exhibition Holstein Show was held on August 29th, 2018 in Armstrong, BC with Ryan Friesan, SK as the official judge. See full results and photos.


Thank you to Amanda Hehli of Mosnang Holsteins for providing us with the photos from the show.


Junior Champion
Marsfield Solomon Raven (Solomon), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
Reserve Junior Champion
Hamming Solomon Danica (Solomon), Hamming Holsteins Ltd.


Intermediate Champion
Mosnang V Hero Waterfall (Hero), Mosnang Holstein, AB
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Starcrest Doorman Effusive (Doorman), Starcrest Holsteins


Grand Champion & Supreme Champion
Mosnang Dude Lilah (Dude), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
Reserve Grand Champion
Starcrest Alexander Raeanne (Alexander), Starcrest Holsteins


Junior Calf (5)

  1. Hamming Wilson Peony (Wilson), Hamming Holsteins
  2. Haddington Got2B Queens (Kenosha 2515), Haddington Holsteins
  3. Haddington Dempsey Morning (Dempsey), Haddington Holsteins
  4. Goldenset Chief Alice (Chief), Goldenset Holsteins
  5. Vyecroft Lautrust Lynnae (Lautrust), Vyecroft Holsteins

Intermediate Calf (4)

  1. Sunnyhome Doorman Marilou (Doorman), Sunnyhome Farms
  2. Mosnang Mile High Club (Mile High), Mosnang Holsteins
  3. Rockledge Sassy Absolute (Absolute), Rockledge Farms
  4. Vyecroft Solomon Lyla (Solomon, Vyecroft Holsteins

Senior Calf (10)

  1. Marsfield Solomon Raven (Solomon), Mosnang Holsteins
  2. Goldenset Miken Control (Control), Rockledge Farms
  3. Glorybound Valentine Capital Z (Capital Z), Glorybound Holsteins
  4. Rockledge Rose Avalanche Red (Avalanche), Rockledge Farms
  5. Poelman Queen Of The Jungle (Jacoby), Mike Podschadly

Summer Yearling (7)

  1. Mosnang Callen Crush Zone (Crush), Mosnang Holsteins
  2. Dryred Solomon Loonie (Solomon), Erin Drydyk
  3. Lucky Meihaven Av Rosabel (Avalanche), Hamming/Lucky Hill
  4. Mosnang Solomon Liquify (Solomon), Mosnang Holsteins
  5. Evergraze Windbrook Lizzy (Windbrook), Sunnhill/ Glorybound

Junior Yearling (2)

  1. Starcrest Sunnyhome Sid Myrtle (Sid), Starcrest FarmsSunnyhome Farms Ltd
  2. Hamming Solomon Cherry On Top (Solomon), Hamming Holsteins

Junior Yearling (1)

  1. Hamming Solomon Danica (Solomon), Hamming Holsteins

Senior Yearling (1)

  1. Alley Doorman Maple (Doorman), Blossom DairyHammingBarclay

Junior Group of 3

  1. Mosnang Holsteins
  2. Hamming Holsteins

Milking Yearling born September 1, 2016 to November 30

  1. Sunnyhome Doorman Music (Doorman), Sunnyhome Farms
  2. Goldenset Soloman Aphrodite (Solomon), Goldenset Holsteins
  3. Glorybound Jasmine MC Dougal (McDougal), Glorybound Holsteins
  4. Hamming Firechief Siren (Firechief), Hamming Holsteins

Junior 2yr Old (4)

  1. Mosnang V Hero Waterfall (Hero), Mosnang Holsteins
  2. Starcrest Doorman Effusive (Doorman), Starcrest Farms
  3. Sunninghill Octane Lucia (High Octane), Hamming Holsteins
  4. Rockledge Alice Tonka (Tonka), Rockledge Farms

Senior 2yr Old (2)

  1. Goldenset Snowy Vibe (Snowy), Goldenset Holsteins
  2. Hamming Solomon Claira (Solomon), Hamming Holsteins

Junior 3yr Old (5)

  1. Mosnang Corey Eclipse (Corey), Mosnang Holsteins
  2. Rockledge Sharon Brady (Brady), Rockledge Farms
  3. Hamming Sid Squirt (Sid), Hamming Holsteins
  4. Sunnyhome Dempsey Gem (Dempsey), Sunnyhome Farms
  5. Sunnyhome Kingpin Mango (Kingpin), Sunnyhome Farms

Senior 3yr Old (1)

  1. Springbend More Gold Damage (MoreGold), Springbend Farms

4 year Old (3)

  1. Starcrest Alexander Raeanne (Alexander), Starcrest Farms
  2. Hamming Doorman Clarice (Doorman), Hamming Holsteins
  3. Mosnang Brokaw Moonlight (Brokaw), Mosnang Holsteins

5 year Old (5)

  1. Mosnang Dude Lilah (Dude), Mosnang Holsteins
  2. Rockledge Sassy Braxton (Braxton), Rockledge Farms
  3. Dewitts Zamora Dempsey (Dempsey), Goldenset Holsteins
  4. Westcoast Sid Cheree (Sid), Hamming Holsteins
  5. Sunnyhome Goldsun Music (Goldsun), Sunnyhome Farms

Mature Cow (1)

  1. Mosnang Smokin Cheese (Smokin), Mosnang Holsteins

Breeders Herd

  1. Mosnang Holsteins
  2. Sunnyhome Farms
  3. Hamming Holsteins