Craigcrest Holsteins Complete Herd Dispersal 2014

October 24, 2014 @ 8648 Hwy 6, Arthur, ON

Sale averages $4,950.00 on 148 lots. See top seller prices and pictures highlighting the sale.  Complete Sale Report now online. 


Craigcrest Sale Report

October 24, 2014 was a very special day for us.  The weather was perfect and we were thrilled to have so many attend our sale.  Craigcrest cattle have gone to new homes in Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, Quebec, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Vermont, and Texas.  We wish these buyers all the best and look forward to the development of the genetics they purchased.  A big thanks go to all bidders who showed interest and confidence in our breeding program.

A huge “thank you” goes to all of the people who helped us prepare for the sale.  Without ALL of you we could not have enjoyed such a successful day.


Here are the complete details.  It has taken a few days to get everything accurately compiled as to purchasers and amounts.


Head sold – 158 (includes all cows, heifers and calves)

Sale average – 4782.00 (based on 158 lots)

Other – Lot 160 – 8 doses of Braedale Goldwyn semen @ 875.00/dose

Top sellers

  1. Craigcrest Rejoices Sidney – 40,000.00 – Tim  Abbott, St. Jacobs ABC, Vermont
  2. Craigcrest Rubies Rachelle – 19,000.00 –  Johnathan Lamb, Oakfield Corners Dairy, New York
  3. Duckett SA Hero Fina – 13,500.00 – Mike & Julie Duckett, Duckett Holsteins, Wisconsin
  4. Craigcrest Baltimor Nellie – 13,000.00 – Robert Wood, Bradwood Holsteins, Ontario
  5. Craigcrest Rubies Resolution – 10,000.00 – Peter Christie, Chrisland Holsteins, Ontario
  6. Craigcrest Lauthority Ruby – 9,500.00 – Brian Vink, Ontario
  7. Craigcrest Windbrook Raspie – 9,400.00 – Joseph Osinga, Texas
  8. Craigcrest Rings Xmas Teacup – 9,200.00 – Glen Rhame, Ontario
  9. Craigcrest Amazement – 9,100.00 – John Koster, Texas
  10. Miss Blackys Bikini – 9,000.00 – John Koster, Texas

Top Sellers

Sale  Average on 148 lots $4,950

Lot 4 Craigcrest Rejoices Sidney $40,000
This Sid in-calf heifer(due April/15) hails from the All Canadian Sr 2yr, Int Yrlg, Int calf Craigcrest Rubies Gold Rejoice.
Buyer: Tim Abbott,St. Jacobs ABC

Lot 10 Craigcrest Rubies Rachelle $19,000
This Goldwyn in-calf heifer(due April/15), is the full sister to Rejoice. She was 1st Jr Yrlg at the Dufferin-Wellington show 2014
Buyer: Johnathan Lamb

Lot 89 Duckett-SA Hero Fina $13,500
This Fresh Hero cow(Aug/14) is the Grand-daughter of 2009 & 2010 World Dairy Expo Grand Champion, Harvue Roy Frosty.
Buyer: Mike & Julie Duckett

Lot 97 Craigcrest Baltimor Nellie $13,000
This Fresh(Aug/14) cow is the Dam to lots 98 & 99. She is a VG-89 3yr with 7 generations of VG & EX backing her
Buyer: Robert Wood

Lot 8 Craigcrest Rejoices Refreshing $10,000
This Braxton in-calf heifer(due March/15) is a Rejoice daughter.
Buyer: Peter Christie

Sale Details

The 3X Master Breeder Craigcrest Holsteins will be hosting their Complete Herd Dispersal on Friday October 24, 2014 @ 10:30am. The Sale will take place on the Craig Family Farm in Arthur, ON

To view Catalog click here

Elgin & Joan Craig
Home: 519-848-2473
Cell: 519-831-3519


Sale Order Craigcrest Holsteins

craigcrest holsteins dispersal sale order

Craigcrest Complete Herd Dispersal Official Catalogue Update


Sale Highlights

Lot 149 – Craigcrest Goldwyn About Time EX-93-3E

Her dam – Eastside Lewisdale Ability VG-87-2* (a maternal sister to Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95-2E 10*)

Her 2nd dam – Stadacona Outside Abel VG-88 33*

Craigcrest Rubies Gold Ring EX-93-2E 2*
Brood Cow 
4th Generation EX!
She is the dam of 7 cows/heifers in the sale including
Gold Rush EX (Lot 28)
Shimmer Ring VG (Lot 33)
Windbrook Ring (Lot 34)
Gold Dreams (Lot 37)

Craigcrest Rings Engagement (Lot 35)
a Dec/2012 Stanley Cup out of Gold Ring
– 1st Intermediate Heifer and Junior Champion of the 2013 Dufferin & Wellington Show
– Gold Ring’s heifer calf, born on Christmas Eve 2012, got the name Craigcrest Rings Engagement in honour of daughter, Stephanie Craig’s engagement –

Lot 97 – Craigcrest Baltimor Nellie VG 89 3yr 
She’s the dam of Lot 98 (by Fever) and Lot 99 (an Atwood, pictured here)
Nellie’s family has a long history with Craigcrest. She traces back to a purchase made in the 1960’s by Elgin’s Dad. The cow was Pinecove High Merit Dotty, the place of purchase was Brubacher Sales in Breslau. Now that’s history!

Nellie is bred back to Doorman!

Lot 87 – Craigcrest Recharge Rebel
a March/14 Recharge out of Craigcrest Finalcut Rideau EX-90 2E. Next Dams: VG-87 Champion, EX-91 5E 7* Carlton, EX-90 3* Status. 
Rebel was the 2nd 4-H JR.Calf Dufferin & Wellington Show 2014

Lot 127 – Craigcrest Recharge Renegade
a June/14 Recharge out of Craigcrest Redesign Rebecca EX-91
Next Dams: EX-90 3E Allen, VG-87 3* Rudolph, VG-87 Approval

The sire “Craigcrest Recharge” is a windbrook out of Craigcrest Rubies Gold Rejoice EX-94 USA – he’s available for purchase thru ABS.  Find out more about him HERE

Sale Staff

Sale Manager
Brubacher Sales

Brent Walker, Auctioneer, 519-994-3252
Jim Walker 519-994-3253
Scott Walker 519-994-3256
Dennis Martin 519-654-7833
Brian Craswell, Auctioneer 902-628-7537
Norman Nabholz, Pedigrees 536-590-3204
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Gary Bowers 819-820-4029
Andrew Den Haan 705-440-6010
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