Bodnar Holsteins Complete Dispersal

Sept 8th, 2017 @ Turin. NY

Bodnar_300x300The Bodnar Holsteins Complete Dispersal takes place September 8, 2017, at 11AM EST, in Turin, NY.The mission statement of the farm is “Quality Milk from Quality Cows.” 4 EX and 37 VG young cows sell along with numerous family members. The catalog is available on Cowsmo.


Sale Information

Bodnar Holsteins Complete Dispersal
September 8, 2017
4407, East Rd., Turin, NY
11:00 EST

Herd Owners:
Louis Bodnar

Sale Managers:
The Cattle Exchange
Dave Rama: 607-746-2226

Sale Staff:
Dave Rama……… 607-435-0792
Daniel Brandt…. 717-821-1238
Don Welk……….. 717-575-4700
Dave Bitler……… 610-780-6667
Kevin Ziemba…. 315-730-6673

Bidding available through Cowbuyer

Sale Catalog

Download the catalog HERE or click the image below to view.