1st Impressions at the Interstate III Averages $5,900

May 12, 2023 @ 11 AM @ Hagerstown, MD

The 1st Impressions at the Interstate sale series is renowned for its elite lineup of All-Americans, class winners and herd-building foundational offerings. On Friday, May 12, 2023 the best of all breeds sold in the sale’s third edition at the farm, grossing over $641,300 and averaging $5,900. Topping the sale at $40,000 was Lot A, a first choice September daughter of Alligator from S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784 EX-95 – the 2022 Reserve All-American 4-year-old who sold for $1,925 million in Duckett Holsteins’ Summer Selections Sale II.

More High Sellers

Lot 15 – $21,300 – Luck-E Movie A-Star-Red-ET, a donor dam milking yearling who sold with a package of 6 IVF embryos sired by Aircraft, Max and Alpha. Her dam, Luck-E Doc A-Mood-ET *RC EX-91, just sold for $40,000 on the 2023 Best of Luck-E Sale

Lot 11 – $20,500 – Borderview Lambda Honey-ET, a Delta Lambda fall calf from the All-American and All-Canadian Dundee Hezbollah EX-92.

Lot 18 – $20,000 – Big Guns Kid Rock Valley-ET, a spring yearling from the All-American and All-Candian, Big Guns Jamaica Vanilla EX-95. Her full sister just won Junior Champion at the 2023 New York Spring Jersey Show!

Lot 62 – $18,500 – Gladheart Drone Meagan-ET, an A2A2 spring yearling who was HM All-American in 2022 and recently named Junior Champion of the 2023 New York Spring Guernsey Show. Her dam, Maplehurst Les Marzipan EX-92, EX-94 CAN, is a 2x Canadian National Champion.

Lot 13 – $14,250 – Milksource Sadie-ET *RC,  a Tatoo winter calf  daughter of Miss Apple Snapple-Red-ET  EX-96 then Regiment Apple EX-96 followed by six more Excellent dams.

Lot 6 – $13,700 – Ms Tang Alligator Alabay-ET, a winter yearling full sister to the 2022 Unanimous All-American and All-Canadian Winter Yearling, Kingsway Alligator A Twix-ET, and a daughter of Kingsway’s great Aragatang EX-95-2E cow.

Lot 53 – $13,000 – Miley Warrior Galore-Red, the 1st place fall calf and Reserve Junior Champion at the 2023 Ohio Spring Dairy Expo Red & White Show. 10 of her next 12 dams are scored Excellent!

Lot 61 – $12,000 – La Rainbow Sweet Sangria-ETV, a 6/5 summer yearling from the La Rainbow Sweet Silk-ETV EX-91 family.

Lot 7 – $11,500 – Milksource Tstruck Actress, a summer junior 2-year-old for 2023 who was nominated All-American last year as a summer yearling and is due 7/31 carrying an ultrasound female. Her dam is a VG-89 Emilio from Petitclerc who was All-American Milking Yearling in 2020 and next 3 dams are Excellent Petitclerc-bred animals too.

Lot 74 – $11,500 – Retso Lambda Phi-ET, the 2nd prize winter calf at the 2023 Northeast Spring National Holstein Show from an EX-94 Ronbeth Alexander followed by 3 more Excellent Ronbeth-bred dams.

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