Northeast Spring National Holstein Show 2023

Sunday, April 2, 2023 @ 8 AM @ Hamburg, NY

Eddie Bue, WI

The Northeast Spring National Holstein Show 2023 has ended with Underground Adeline named Senior & Grand Champion for Glamourview Farm and Eaton Holsteins, NY. The show was held April 2 in Hamburg, NY with judge Eddie Bue, WI, sorting the classes for the day. Thanks to our very generous sponsors, Cowsmo was happy to be in Hamburg bringing you coverage of the event!

Class by class photos and results are below. View the entire gallery of photos to download and purchase your favorites – click HERE

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Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Underground Adeline (Awesome), 1st aged cow, Glamourview Farm & Eaton Holsteins, NY

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Macland-HF Yoder Rachel-ET (Yoder), 1st lifetime production cow, Kyle Reid & Adam Liddle, NY

HM Senior & Grand Champion
Wil-O-Mar Diamondbk Rose-Red (Diamondback), 2nd aged cow, Elmvue Farm, NY

Champion Bred & Owned Cow

Elm-Spring Octane Margo (Octane), 2nd senior 3-year-old, Luncrest Farm and Elm Spring Farm

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Jeffrey-Way Hard Rock Twigs (Hardrock), 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Doeberiener, Bowen & Conroy, OH

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Elm-Spring Octane Margo (High Octane), 2nd Senior 3-Year-Old, Luncrest Farm LLC & Elm Spring Farm, NY

HM Intermediate Champion
Kamps-RX AppleB Avery (Moovin), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Elmvue Farm, NY



Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Blondin Chief Jenny (Chief), 1st Winter Yearling, Adam Clark, ON

Reserve Junior Champion
Ms Windbrook Lyzard-ET (Windbrook), 1st Spring Yearling, Avery Best

HM Junior Champion
Lorrmarr Lea Alleyoop Swish (Alleyoop), 1st Fall Yearling, Adam Clark, ON

Best Bred & Owned Heifer

Best Bred & Owned Heifer
Rockytop-JN Denver Tully-ET (Denver), 1st Summer Yearling, Joe & Amanda Nash and Matthew Mitchell, NY

Reserve Bred & Owned Heifer
Petitclerc Lambda Sunday (Delta-Lambda), 1st Winter Calf, Ferme Petitclerc, QC

HM Bred & Owned Heifer
Maple-Downs Sdkc Glamorous (Sidekick), 3rd Spring Yearling, Maple Downs Farms II, NY

Winter Calf (17)

1. Petitclerc Lambda Sunday (Delta-Lambda), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
2. Retso Lambda Phi-ET (Delta-Lambda), Retso Holsteins, NY
3. Borderview Goldwyn Hez 2493-ET (Goldwyn), Abbott, Cannon, Doeberiener & Bowen, OH
4. Untied-Way Chief Bellavista-ET (Chief), Eaton Holsteins & Raymond Anthony, NY
5. Winright Altitude Tsunami (Altitude), Brian Coyne & Patrick Crave, WI
6. Petitclerc Lambda Spring (Delta-Lambda), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
7. Winright Altitude Eclipse (Altitude), Brian Enright, ON
8. Petitclerc Crushtime Avana (Crushtime), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
9. Petitclerc Crushtime A-Game (Crushtime), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
10. J-Folts Cardi B-ET (Unix), Isaac Folts and Levi & Evan Mierzwa, NY

Fall Calf (40)

1. Cedar-Isle Denver Chelsey (Denver), Cole Strickland, PA
2. Oakfield Lambda Milk-ET (Delta-Lambda), Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY
3. ZBW La Queso Grande (Warrior), Brynley Bossard, NY
4. Cowenhurst Milio Dolly (Milio), Brett Cowen, NY
5. Petitclerc Lambda Sushi (Delta-Lambda), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
6. Maple-Downs Sdk Gwendolyn (Sidekick), Maple Downs Farms II, NY
7. Duckett Energy 1158 Dee-ET (Energy), Andrew Enterprises, PA
8. McGarr-Farms Zita-ET (Unstopabull), McGarr Farms LLC, NY
9. Seavalley Ralanes Mia Khalifa (Warrior), Adam Clark
10. Monafran Handshaken Malibu (Handshake), Justine Kelsey, NY

Summer Yearling (30)

1. Rockytop-JN Denver Tully-ET (Denver), Joe & Amanda Nash and Matthew Mitchell, NY
2. Petitclerc Lambda Ariane (Delta-Lambda), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
3. Reyncrest Tatoo Automatic (Tatoo), Reyncrest Farm, NY
4. Petitclerc Lambda Serena (Delta-Lambda), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
5. Petitclerc Lambda Star (Delta-Lambda), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
6. Mapel Wood Doorman Treasure (Doorman), Adam Clark, ON
7. GVA Sidekick Alexis (Sidekick), Maple Downs Farms II & Peter Vail, NY
8. Kamps-RX Aplb Athena-Red-ET (Latenite), Chloe & Claire Lamb, NY
9. Elmvue Doc Eljune (Doc), Elmvue Farm, NY
10. Kozy-Kountry GC Bambam-ET (Gold Chip), Charles Clark, PA

Spring Yearling (29)

1. Ms Windbrook Lyzard-ET (Windbrook), Avery Best
2. Clarkvalley Certified Warrior (Warrior), Adam Clark, ON
3. Maple-Downs Sdkc Glamorous (Sidekick), Maple Downs Farms II, NY
4. Cookeicutter Riddle-Red-ET (Warrior), Chloe & Claire Lamb, NY
5. C-4 Warrior Princess (Warrior), Richard & Lindsey Henry and Thomas & Erin Uber, PA
6. Heart&Soul W Laffy Taffy (Windbrook), Andrew Reynolds & Whitney Kugler, NY
7. Eatonholme Unstp Batu-ET (Unstopabull), Eaton Holsteins, NY
8. Ebybrook Allday Lemmy (Allday P), Adam Clark, ON
9. Reyncrest Hot Topic-Red (Latenite), Reyncrest Farm, NY
10. Petitclerc Tatoo Alfonso (Tatoo), Ferme Petitclerc, QC

Winter Yearling (23)

1. Blondin Chief Jenny (Chief), Adam Clark, ON
2. Petitclerc Lambda Aska (Delta-Lambda), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
3. Leachland LMF Krissy (Light My Fire), Adam Clark, ON
4. Cash-Cow Alongside Lola (Alongside), Brett Cowen, NY
5. Luncrest Radio Lynx 2437 (Radio), Reyncrest Farm & Luncrest Farm, NY
6. Kozy-Kountry Denver Spice (Denver), Presleigh Brace, PA
7. Mapel Wood Denver Top Flite-ET (Denver), Scott Davenport, CT
8. Liberty-Gen Jordy Lapdance (Jordy), Winright, Dandyland & Jaquemet
9. Ms-AOL Ready To Roll-Red-ET (Warrior), Reyncrest Farm
10. Riser-R War Chariot (Warrior), Michael Wolf, CT

Fall Yearling (19)

1. Lorrmarr Lea Alleyoop Swish (Alleyoop), Adam Clark, ON
2. Laforstar Fantastic Denver (Denver), Eaton Holsteins, Steve Morrill & Jack Zeh, NY
3. Winright Doorman Emery (Doorman), Brian Enright, ON
4. Winright Solomon Winter (Solomon), Brian Enright, ON
5. Reyncrest D Less Is More (Doorman), Reyncrest Farm, NY
6. Rivercross Toohot Rowan (TooHot), Rivercross Holsteins, NY
7. Lyn-Vale Rumchata-Red (Warrior), Reyncrest Farm & Fly Higher Holsteins, NY
8. Oakfield Thstruck Bobo (Thunderstruck), Maple Downs Farms II & Peter Vail, NY
9. Oakfield Un Luna-ET (Unstopabull), Chase & Alexis Cashell and Evan Castrogiovanni, NY

Junior Best Three Females (6)

1. Ferme Petitclerc, QC
2. Oakfield Corners, NY
3. Ferme Petitclerc, QC
4. Kozy-Kountry Farm, PA
5. Elmvue Farms, NY
6. Rivercross Holsteins, NY

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old (2)

1. Curr-Vale Dempsey Hartley (Dempsey), Jacob Coller, Sara Aldous & Avery Eaton, NY
2. Show-Mar Sidekick Kid Rock (Sidekick), Wesley Brantner, PA

Junior 2-Year-Old (6)

1. Pennwood Sidekick LunaBabe (Sidekick), Adam Liddle, Aaron Eaton & Currie Holsteins, NY
2. Armson Chief Betsy Ross (Chief), Cheryl Milligan, NY
3. Reyncrest Select Lemon Drop (Select), Reyncrest Farm, NY
4. Yotopolis Unix TGIF (Unix), Nicholas Yotopolis, NY
5. Ms Denver Lydia-ET (Denver), Cedar Lane Farm LLC, NJ
6. ZBW M Denver Serenity (Denver), Mason Ziemba, NY

Senior 2-Year-Old (9)

1. Smygwatys Alligator Raindrop (Alligator), Elmvue Farm, NY
2. Oakfield Hanford Morocco-ET (Hanford), Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY
3. Cedar-Meadows Doc Jammee-ET (Doc), Kenyon Hill Farm, NY
4. Eatonholme Unstp Pixie-ET (Unstopabull), Eaton Holsteins, NY
5. Show-Mar Master Rozy (Master), Wesley Brantner, PA
6. Cornerest Dback Laurdie (Diamondback), Josh Nelson, NY
7. Windy-Knoll-View Pantech-ET (Undenied), Diamond Valley Dairy, PA
8. Cashells Side Limencello (Sidekick), Averie Brown, NY
9. Fairmont Doorman Clair-ET (Doorman), Zane Swatling, NY

Junior 3-Year-Old (9)

1. Kamps-RX AppleB Avery (Moovin), Elmvue Farm, NY
2. Kingsway Snazzy Jazzy-ET (Avalanche), Derek George, NY
3. Reyncrest C Posh Spice (Crushabull), Mackenzie Reynolds & Reyncrest Farm, NY
4. Kings-Ransom Hancock Rapp (Hancock), Lauren King, NY
5. Oakfield Windbrook Kyrie-ET (Windbrook), Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY
6. RussellRidge Pharo Blast (Pharo), Amelia Russell, PA
7. Lysettes Drmn Lexus (Doorman), Bill Taylor & Beth Rodgers, NJ
8. Lib Husky 284 (Husky), Elizabeth Swatling, NY
9. Show-Mar Warrior Hazle (Warrior), Wesley Brantner, PA

Senior 3-Year-Old (12)

1. Jeffrey-Way Hard Rock Twigs (Hardrock), Doeberiener, Bowen & Conroy, OH
2. Elm-Spring Octane Margo (High Octane), Luncrest Farm LLC & Elm Sprign Farm, NY
3. Westcoast Crushabull Missy-ET (Crushabull), Elmvue Farm, NY
4. Pineyvale Jordy Bear Cub (Jordy), Rose Post, NY
5. Oakfield Doorman Karmen (Doorman), Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY
6. Oakfield Benefit Eden-ET (Benefit), Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY
7. Lantland Crushtime Saga (Crushtime), Averie Brown & Jacob Menzi, NY
8. Westcoast Wilson Bonny (Wilson), Elmvue Farm, NY
9. Duckett Impression Lily (Impression), Sam McWilliams, PA
10. Pennwood Unix Lumineer (Unix), Kaitlyn M. Stoltzfus, PA

4-Year-Old (9)

1. Liddleholme DM Precious-ET (Doorman), Maple Downs Farms II & Duane Tillapaugh, NY
2. Reyncrest Diamndbk Cici-Red (Diamondback), Reyncrest Farm, NY
3. Maple-Downs T-Storm Ash-ET (Thunder Storm), Jason Llyod, NY
4. J-Folts Sandstorm Lydia (Sandstorm), Isaac Folts and Maci & Camryn Crothers, NY
5. Curr-Vale Lady Diem-Red-ET (Diamondback), Currie Holsteins, NY
6. Miss Goldwyn Andrea (Goldwyn), Mackenzie Reynolds, NY
7. Borderview Dorman Heaven-ET (Doorman), Cedar Lane Farm LLC, NJ
8. Peachey Control Texas (Control), Boop & Hill, PA
9. Jeffrey-Way Hypnotic Teagan (Hypnotic), Diamond Valley Dairy, PA

5-Year-Old (10)

1. Durkacres Snapple-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Luncrest Farm LLC, NY
2. Miss Pretty Playful-Red-ET (Avalanche), Maple Downs Farms II & Peter Vail, NY
3. Garay Red Diamond-Red-ET (Diamondback), Landree & Dakota Fraley, PA
4. Cornercrest D Back Laudia (Diamondback), Luncrest Farm & Abe Light, NY
5. Kings-Ransom Doc Clever (Dock), Nate King, NY
6. Lusk Golden Crush (Crush), Eaton Holsteins, Lee Emerson & Anthony Crothers, NY
7. Oakfield Gold Luck-ET (Goldwyn), Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY
8. Show-Mar Crush Everyone (Crush), Wesley Brantner, PA
9. Jaocbs Impression Roman-ET (Impression), Elmvue Farm, NY
10. Ms Beauty Avl Brandywine-ET (Avalanche), Cedar Lane Farm LLC, NJ

Aged Cow (10)

1. Underground Adeline (Awesome), Glamourview Farm & Eaton Holsteins, NY
2. Wil-O-Mar Diamndbk Rose-Red (Diamondback), Elmvue Farm, NY
3. Tusc-Vu Avalanche Cali-ET (Avalanche), Isaac Folts, NY
4. Bry-Ry Sid Farah (Sid), Cedar Lane Farm LLC, NJ
5. Pierstein Cicero Time Out (Cicero), Elmvue Farm, NY
6. Kings-Ransom Montry Cans (Monterey), Lauren King, NY
7. Kings-Ransom Kian Effie (Kian), Lauren King, NY
8. Carpsview Armani Velvet (Armani), Elmvue Farm, NY
9. Pine-Tree 9839 Fraz 7613 (Frazzled), Mason Ziemba, NY
10. McWilliams Capital Z Susan (Capital Gain), Sam McWilliams, PA

Lifetime Production Cow (6)

1.  Macland-HF Yoder Rachel-ET (Yoder), Kyle Reid & Adam Liddle
2. Maple-Downs D Back Addie (Diamondback), Caleb, Josiah, Helena, Adrian & Ella Osxon
3. Quiet-Brook D Gamb Lacta-ET (Gambler), Cookiecutter Holsteins
4. D-Andrews Absolute Lush (Absolute), Kirt Menzi, Jr.
5. Curr-Vale Apple A La Mode (Awesome), Currie Holsteins
6. Kevetta Chelios Brooke (Chelios), Maggie Winspear and Kyra & Griffin Lamb

Best Three Females (4)

1. Currie Holsteins, NY
2. Kings Ransom, NY
3. Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY
4. Wesley Brantner, NY

Dam & Daughter (1)

1. Wesley Brantner