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With Cows, Personality is Everything

Most dairy farmers would say that cows have incredible personalities, some more prominent than others, but just like people all have a certain way about them. Over the year’s many memories have been shared about great cows with great personalities, check out some of their stories:

“From the very beginning things had to be done her [Veronica’s] way. We marked the feed pans at shows but there was no doubt which one was hers! It had many scrapes and teeth marks from her aggressive nature. Veronica didn’t like missing shows, if she wasn’t among the cows loaded on the truck she’d pace around her pen in frustration for at least the first day. Veronica wasn’t mean but she had a mind of her own. If what you wanted wasn’t in line with what she wanted there was a disagreement.” – Various contributors to the book of memories at the ‘Visions of Veronica Sale’

“June can be quite a character! If you go to fast with the fork at a show, she’ll kick you for sure, but she’s mostly easy going.” – Pierre Boulet on Loyalyn Goldwyn June

“At home Dina is all business, hardworking and trouble-free. She flushes well and breeds back consistently. She is a joy to work with, but where she is truly at home is the show ring. She knows when its show time and loves being out there!” – Ransom Rail on 2017 Royal Grand Champion, Co-Vale Dempsey Dina

“Martha’s “at home” temperament is apparent when meeting tour guests here at MilkSource. She’s warm and approachable, not shy at all about mingling with visitors, many of whom come to visit her in person. She’s always willing to make time for her admirers!” – MilkSource Genetics, owners of 3X Royal Supreme Champion, Musqie Iatola Martha

“Beauty was aggressive and knot-headed, that’s probably why she lived so long! Our crew enjoyed the moment when Beauty would come back from the wash rack. When she caught a glimpse of the stall, 5 men couldn’t hold her, she’d take off and make a beeline for the stall on the end of the pack. She knew the routine well!” – Ray Brown and Ridley Wikkerink on Rainyridge Tony Beauty

“Lady Rouge doesn’t like the heat wave we’ve been having the last week. When we let her out of her stall to go to pasture, she turns left instead of right and pulls into the wash area every night and waits there until we hose her down with cold water.” – Callum McKinven on Lookout Elmbridge Lady Rouge (Watch her video: LadyRouge Wants to Cool Off)

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