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Dave Trotter named Guernsey Distinguished Service Award Winner

David (Dave) Trotter of Enon Valley, Pennsylvania, was awarded the 2018 Distinguished Service Award in Dubuque, Iowa, on June 28, 2018. At the National Guernsey Convention Dave was recognized for his many years of service to the American Guernsey Association (AGA).

The Trotter Family, Abby, Jamie, Dave, Jill and Cara. Missing from the photo is daughter Bethany. Photo by Purebred Publishing.

Dave is one of the three owners of Trotacre Farm in Enon Valley, Pennsylvania, where he farms alongside his father Jim, brother Bob and their families. Dave and his wife, Jill, have been married for 31 years and have raised their four daughters: Abby, Bethany, Cara and Jamie to all be active on the farm and in the Guernsey Association.

Trotacre Farm has been the home to many influential bulls and cows in the Guernsey breed. Trotacre Loral Tiller, Trotacre Mercury Loral, Trotacre Tiller Brenna, Trotacre Indian Atlantic Honey, and Paokie Lil Ernie.  Trotacre Farm has bred numerous All-Americans, and production winners, including the World Record Cow for Milk. Dave has also served as the Pennsylvania Guernsey Association President, and is currently serving as the Pennsylvania Guernsey Breeders’ Association Business Manager. Dave has served two terms on the National Guernsey board, where he served as President for the association. He also served as the interim Executive Secretary for a period of time during those eight years.

In Dave’s spare time off of the farm, he is an active member of Westfield Presbyterian Church, where he has served as both trustee and elder. When leading Bible studies or meetings you can bet he will begin with a fun game or joke, striving to bring joy and create fun. Keeping with the theme of fun, he enjoys spreading enthusiasm for the dairy industry and did so as a 4-H leader, with his sister, for over 25 years as well as a judging coach for the Pennsylvania Dairy Judging team.

He retired from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, and is currently enjoying semi-retirement on the farm where he can spend more time with his family, riding horses and enjoying Guernsey cattle.

Dave’s role in life summed up would be helping individuals in the field of agriculture or in life in general. He is always willing to pick up the phone and answer a call or help his fellow neighbor in need. Dave has dedicated many years of service to the dairy industry and agricultural community, both in and out of his home state of Pennsylvania. We appreciate all his years of service and recognize him as a lifelong friend of the dairy industry and particularly the Guernsey family.

The American Guernsey Association is dedicated to the advancement and promotion of the Guernsey dairy cows. The American Guernsey Youth Association boasts membership of over 700 young people nationwide. For more information visit www.usguernsey.com

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