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Top European GLPI Heifers Over 9 Months for April 2016

The list for the top European-owned GLPI heifers over 9 months in now available fop April 2016. The top GLPI individual over 9 months is Amighetti Supershot Abbey-ET at +3383GLPI. Abbey is a Supershot daughter from a +3270GLPI Mogul from the Amighetti Shottle Ave family. Abbey is bred and owned by Amighetti Holsteins, Italy.

The second high GLPI heifer over 9 months in Europe is +3362GLPI Ekkel Yasmine, a July 2015 Superman from a Mogul out of a Domain. She was bred and owned by PEAK, the Netherlands.

RankNameDOBSire StackCow FamilyGLPICONFOwner
1Amighetti Supershot Abbey-ET42197Supershot x Mogul x GerardAmighetti Shottle Ave338312Amighetti Holsteins (IT)
2Ekkel Yasmin42198Superman x Mogul x DomainCoyne-Farms Yelena336210PEAK Genetics
3All.Nure Supershot-Papsy 150542076Supershot x Numero Uno x PlanetMuri Planet Popsy335310Al-Be-Ro Holsteins & Muri (IT)
4EBA Liza42031Kingboy x Mogul x NiagraEBA Clara333917EBA Holsteins (FR)
5All.Nure Supershot Paprika42071Supershot x Numero Uno x PlanetMuri Planet Popsy331412Diamond Genetics & Hul-Stein (NL)
6Wilder Hilly41945Modena x Saloon x SnowmanBatke Outside Kora330912Wilder Holsteins (DE)
7PG Ozon42167Supershot x Epic x Man-O-ManHickorymae Opine330111Av. Tavazzani (IT)
8Boghill Glam S Carlin-ET42465Spring x Numero Uno x RobustLarcrest Cosmopolitan32989Boghill Holsteins (DE)
9EBA Louan-ET42152Pulsar x Mogul x NiagraEBA Clara329215EBA Holsteins (FR)
10BB DG Silver Sheira 242125Silver x Supersire x SuperstitionUFM-Dubs Sheray32887Diamond Genetics & BB Holsteins
11Koepon Slvr Classy 23642204Silver x Oak x Man-O-ManKoepon Classy32839Koepon Genetics (NL)
12HOITAF1799158015342104Silver x Supersire x SuperstitionZani Oman Oriella327410Zani Holsteins (IT)
13Amighetti Mogul Abbey-ET41635Mogul x Gerard x ShottleAmighetti Shottle Ave327013Amighetti Holsteins (IT)
14Wilder Honig41973Lineman x Saloon x SnowmanBatke Outside Kora326213Wilder Holsteins (DE)
15Latisha42163Missouri x Facecy EBA x BogartAmanda325510French Owned
16Lombero42120Bombero x Mogul x PlanetLarcrest Cosmopolitan325410French Owned
17Seeborgers Bailey42178Silver x Epic x Man-O-ManGen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi325412ALH Genetics (NL)
18All.Nure Silver-Doorman Syall42188Silver x Doorman x SnowmanMorningview Converse Judy325116Allevamento Nure Soc.Agr.S.S (IT)
19All.Nure El Bombero 147342029Bombero x Epic x GerardLylehave Lila Z325012Al-Be-Ro Holsteins (IT)
20EBA Joa-ET41860Halogen x Mogul x SuperstitionEBA Hanoi32469Gaec Brilland / EBA Holsteins (FR)

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