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August 2018 – Brown Swiss Canada Proofs

“Seasidebloom” Continues his Climb in Brown Swiss

For three consecutive rounds since his first official proof in August last year, Lime Rock Seasidebloom (Brookings x Driver) has continuously increased each round for a total gain of 579 LPI points. With his current gains for both production and conformation traits, which translates to +221 LPI points, he stays dominant at #1 for LPI as well as Milk, Fat and Protein. With this performance, he is able to stay just ahead of Huray (Hussli x Siray), from Germany, who receives his first official type proof and LPI landing as a strong contender at #2 for each of LPI, Milk, Fat and Protein. Also born in Germany, Payssli ET (Payoff x Hussli) moves up the ranks to #3 LPI. The Top 5 LPI list is completed by Jobo Vigor Bush ET (Vigor x AltaPronto) in #4 position and Olsons Mel Zeus Mojo ET (Zeus x Brinks) taking #5 LPI spot. The highest young sire proven this round is Scherma Blooming Biver (Blooming x Nesta)at #20 LPI. For cows, the Brown Swiss breed still has a polled leader as Gubelman SSB Devon P*POR holds on at #1 GLPI (#2 Milk, #1 Protein). Gubelman Juhus Crystal climbs from #5 to #2 GLPI (#3 Fat) and moves ahead of both Nor Bella Paul Eve (#3 GLPI, #1 Fat, tied #5 Conformation) and Gubelman Driver Belle (#4 GLPI, tied #5 Protein). The two highest newly indexed cows this round get off to a great start as Charluson Cadence Dalida (dam is Charluson Cafino Dania) debuts at #5 GLPI as well as #4 Milk, #4 Fat and #3 Protein, and is immediately followed by Shady Lane Swiss JH Patience (Seasidebloom x Bush) at #6 GLPI while becoming the new breed leader for Milk and is tied at #5 Protein.

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