April 2019 – Guernsey Canada Proofs

April 2019 – Guernsey Canada Proofs

“Indy” Takes Over as Queen of the Guernsey Breed

After years of being in the shadows, Eby Manor D L Indy gains 151 LPI points this April and takes over as the new #1 LPI cow in the breed (#2 Fat). For Glen Haven Lewis Lana, this means she is forced into #2 LPI spot following years of domination at the helm (#4 Protein).

Two other cows also make significant gains this round to enter the Top 5 LPI list, namely Eby Manor Logo Sylvia at #3 LPI, who gained 116 points from her debut at #8 LPI in December (#5 Protein), and Lindrian Pamper Bear ET 200 at #4 LPI (up from #10 with a gain of 127 points). Guernsey View Urma’s Expense experiences little change and completes the list of breed leaders at #5 LPI. The highest newly indexed cow this round is Eby Manor Cimeron Kayla at #23 LPI.

For sires, the trio of leaders remains unchanged with Dairyman Double Dawson still at #1 LPI (#2 Fat), ahead of his sire, Pine Ridge Double L, at #2 LPI (tied #4 Fat) and Trotacre Enhancer Lewis in #3 LPI position (also #3 for Milk and Protein). Coulee Crest Grumpy Legend climbs for LPI to take #4 spot this April (#5 Protein) and surpasses his sire, Golden J Ronald Grumpy, who stays firm at #5 LPI.

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