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April 2018 – Milking Shorthorn Canada Proofs

Mixture of Stability and Sign of Promise in Milking Shorthorn.
This April release has only a minor impact on the highest ranking sires and cows but new information on sires shows promise for the breed. One sire, Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty (Kaiser x Koyote), receives his first official proof in Canada and arrives at #15 LPI. Also of interest looking forward, is the first official production proof of Lady Grove Conrad placing him at #4 Fat, tied at #5 Protein and #13 for Milk in the breed. Conrad is a son of Ace (#3 LPI, #3 Fat, tied #5 Protein) out of the well-known brood cow, Lands-Brook Chardonnay-ET-EXP, who is also at #3 LPI (tied #1 Conformation) and is the dam of the highest number of cows among the Top 400 LPI list. The other Top 5 LPI sires remain the same group as last round, headed by Treeton Pingerly at #1 LPI (#1 Milk, #1 Protein, tied #1 Conformation) with B Jurist at #2 LPI (#3 Milk, tied #1 Fat, #2 Protein) and GMC Rebel Logic-ET, who moves up a notch to #4 LPI (tied #1 Conformation) ahead of Oceanbrae Ironman-P ET, now in #5 LPI position. Breed enthusiasts will also be interested in the first MACE evaluations provided for foreign sires, mainly including those proven in United States and New Zealand. However, since bulls from the United States do not yet have MACE evaluations for type traits, the 65 bulls currently with a MACE LPI are all from New Zealand.

For cows, the Top 5 LPI list also experiences little change as Kulp-Gen Jurist Angel EXP-ET remains at #1 LPI (#1 Fat, #1 Protein) and Lady Grove BJ Charm takes #2 LPI (#4 Fat, tied #3 Conformation, daughter of Chardonnay). Lady Grove TP Lady Nancy 8 stays firm at #4 LPI (#2 Protein) while Lady Grove Pingerly Alice 21 (tied #3 Conformation) increases to take #5 LPI position. The highest newly indexed cow this round is Oceanbrae Turbo Felicity at #12 LPI (tied #10 Fat), who is a daughter of Oceanbrae Logic Feather ET, tied at #8 LPI.

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