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December 2018
Mexico National Show 

November 2018 
North American International Livestock Expo (NAILE)
TD Classic 4-H Dairy Show 
Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 

October 2018
World Dairy Expo
All Breeds All Britain Calf Show
Westerner Championship Show
Autumn Opportunity Show 
Eastern ON Western QC Show 

September 2018
Western Fall National Show
Maryland State Fair 
Supreme Dairy Show
The Big E Eastern States
The All-American Dairy Show
UK Dairy Day
Stratford Championship Jersey Show 

August 2018
Ohio State Fair
Atlantic Summer Show
Western NY Regional Show 
Illinois State Fair 
Wisconsin Championship Show
Minnesota State Fair
New York State Fair 
Western Canadian Classic 

July 2018
VI Holstein Show 2018
Connecticut State Show 2018
Arethusa Avonlea Summer Splash 2018
Alberta Provincial Junior Dairy Show 2018
Illinois Holstein Championship Show 2018
Ontario Summer Show 2018

June 2018
Alberta Dairy Congress Show 

May 2018
Wisconsin Dairy Showcase 2018
Western Spring National Holstein Show 
Atlantic Spring Showcase

April 2018
Pennsylvania Spring Holstein Show 
New York Spring Dairy Carrousel 
California State Shows 2018
Calgary Stampede Dairy Classic Show
Ontario Spring Discovery Show  
Utah State Show 2018
Maryland Spring Holstein Show 
Quebec Spring Show-Expo Printemps 2018

March 2018
Borderway UK Dairy Expo
Nuit de la Holstein 
Expo Bulle 2018
BC Holstein Spring 
Ohio Spring Dairy Expo

February 2018
Schau Der Besten Holstein 2018

January 2018
Swiss Expo 2018

National Holstein Convention 2018

December 2017
Mexican National Show

November 2017
Supreme Show 2017
Royal 4-H Classic Show 2017
NAILE 2017

October 2017
World Dairy Expo 2017
Autumn Opportunity 2017
Atlantic Fall Championship Holstein Show 2017
Westerner Showcase 2017

September 2017
Maryland State Fair 2017-Holsteins, Jerseys, Red & Whites, Futurity & Supreme
Big E – Eastern States Exposition 2017
UK Dairy Day 2017
All-American Dairy Show 2017
Spanish National Holstein Show 2017

August 2017
Minnesota State Fair 2017
Western Canadian Classic 2017
Illinois State Fair 2017
Atlantic Summer Holstein Show 2017
St. Lawrence, NY Holstein Show 2017

July 2017
Ontario Summer Show 2017
Iowa State Holstein Show 2017
Wisconsin State Guernsey Show 2017
Wisconsin State Ayrshire Show 2017
Alberta Provincial 4-H Show 2017
Trois Rivieres Holstein Show 2017
Wisconsin State Holstein Show 2017
Wisconsin State Jersey Show 2017
Wisconsin State Red & White Show 2017
Northern Alberta Holstein Club Show 2017
Central New York Holstein Show 2017
Wisconsin State Brown Swiss Show 2017
Midwest Jersey Jamboree 2017

June 2017
Alberta Dairy Congress Show 2017
Minnesota State Holstein Show 2017

May 2017
Wisconsin Spring Spectacular Jersey Show 2017
Western Spring National Holstein Shows 2017

April 2017
Maryland Spring Holstein Show 2017
Ontario Spring Discovery Shows 2017
New York Spring Dairy Carousel 2017
Quebec Spring Show-Expo Printemps 2017
California State Shows 2017
Calgary Stampede Dairy Classic 2017
Wisconsin Dairy Showcase 2017
Utah State Holstein & Jersey Shows 2017
Atlantic Spring Holstein Show 2017

March 2017
British Columbia Spring Holstein Show 2017
Nuit de la Holstein 2017
Ohio Spring Dairy Expo 2017

February 2017
Montichiari National Shows 2017
Schau der Besten 2017
SIA Paris 2017

January 2017
Swiss Expo 2017
International Dairy Week 2017
New Zealand Dairy Event 2017

December 2016
Junior Bulle Expo 2016
Holland Holstein Shows 2016
Mexican National Shows 2016

November 2016
Royal Winter Fair 2016
Classic 4-H Dairy Show 2016
NAILE-Louisville 2016
Supreme Dairy Show 2016

October 2016
Cremona 2016
Westerner Championship Shows 2016
Atlantic Holstein Show 2016
Eastern Ontario-Western Quebec Show 2016
Autumn Opportunity 2016
All-Breeds All-Britain Calf Show-Holsteins, Jerseys, Ayrshires, Dairy Shorthorns, Showmanship & Presentations
World Dairy Expo-Junior Holstein, Guernsey, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Red & White, Holstein, Supreme Champions, Fitting Contest, Special Awards

September 2016
Spanish National Holstein Show
All-American Dairy Show – Open Shows- Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, PA Holstein, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn & Red Holstein & Supreme Champion
Stratford Jersey Show
UK Dairy Day 2016 – Holstein, Jersey, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Dairy Shorthorn
Eastern States Expo/Big E 2016– Holsteins, Red & Whites, Belted Gall
Maryland State Fair 2016

August 2016
Minnesota State Fair 2016
Western Canadian Classic 2016- Conformation, Showmanship, Candids, Banquets
Illinois State Fair 2016-Holsteins, Jerseys, Ayrshires, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Milking Shorthorns
Wisconsin State Fair Open Shows 2016
Western New York Holstein 2016
Atlantic Summer Holstein Show 2016
Wisconsin Junior State Fair- Showmanship, All Breed Shows, Barn Candids

July 2016
Wisconsin State Shows-Junior Holstein, Red & White, Holsteins, Jerseys
Alberta Provincial 4-H Dairy 2016
Ontario Summer Show 2016- Holstein & Jerseys
Illinois Championship Holstein Show 2016
Trois Rivieres Holstein Show 2016
Midwest Jersey Jamboree 2016

June 2016
Wisconsin State Brown Swiss Show 2016
Minnesota State Holstein Shows 2016– Red & White, Jr Show, Open Holstein
Indiana State Shows 2016-Holstein & Jersey
European Championship Show 2016– Holsteins, Red & White Holsteins, Opening Ceremonies, Young Breeders, Candids, Team Stall Shots
Alberta Dairy Congress-Red & Whites, Holsteins

May 2016
Atlantic Spring Holstein Show 2016
Define Your Destiny Sale 2016

April 2016
Utah State Spring Show 2016– Jerseys, Holsteins
Wisconsin Dairy Showcase Spring Show-Holsteins, Jerseys, Red & Whites, Candids
Canadian National Holstein Convention – AGM & MasterBreeder Banquet
Calgary Stampede Dairy Classic – National Holstein, Jersey & Showmanship
Ohio Spring Dairy Expo 2016 – Holsteins, Red & WhitesJerseys, Brown Swiss, Guernseys, Candids, Supreme Champions
Ontario Spring Show 2016 – Holsteins & Jerseys
Maryland Spring Show 2016
Expo Bulle 2016
New York Spring Show 2016-Holsteins, Red & Whites, Jerseys, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorns, Junior Holsteins, Candids
Quebec Spring Show 2016-Holsteins, Red & Whites, Jerseys, Ayrshires, Supreme & Candids

March 2016
BC Spring Holstein Show
la Nuit de La Holstein

February 2016
SIA Paris, France- Holstein & Red Holstein

January 2016
Verona, Italy – Brown Swiss & Holstein
Swiss Expo – Brown Swiss, Holstein, Jersey & Red Holstein

December 2015
Mexican National Holstein Show
Junior Bulle Expo-Holsteins, Red & Whites

November 2015
Royal Winter Fair – Holsteins, Ayrshires, Jerseys, Red & White Holsteins, Candids
NAILE-Jersey Jug Futurity; Junior Show Supreme & Supreme Junior Champion; Open Show Supreme Champion; Open & Junior Jersey, Holstein, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire Shows; Open Guernsey & Milking Shorthorn Shows; Junior Red & White Show; Barn Photos & Candids
 4-H Classic– Conformation-Holstein, Jersey & Colored; Showmanship-heats & finals; barn and ring candids
Supreme Laitier-Holstein, Jersey, Red & White, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Canadienne Shows

October 2015
Cremona-Holstein, Jersey, Junior Open Show, Italian Style Sale, Semenzoo, Candids
Red Deer Westerner Championship – Holstein, Jersey, Junior Show
Autumn Opportunity Holstein Show
All-Breeds All-Britain Calf Show – Holstein Calves & Champions, Colored Breeds Calves, Holstein & Colored Breed Showmanship, Candids and All-Britain Team
Atlantic Fall Show
World Dairy Expo – Ayrshires, Brown Swiss, Guernseys, Holsteins, Junior Holsteins, Jerseys, Milking Shorthorns, Red & Whites, Supreme & Candids

September 2015

UK Dairy Day
– Holstein, Jersey, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Dairy Shorthorn
Big E – Holsteins, Belted Galloway
All-American Dairy ShowPA Fall Championship Holsteins, Eastern National Holsteins, Red & Whites, Brown Swiss, Guernseys, Ayrshires, Milking Shorthorns, Premier National Junior Shows, Supreme Champions
Holstein Quebec Provincial Show

R & W Holstein Provincial Show
Jersey Quebec Provincial Show
Ayrshire Quebec Provincial Show
Classique des Jeunes Ruraux Québécois 2015

August 2015
Minnesota State Fair – Holstein, R&W, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorn
Western Canadian Classic– Showmanship, Conformation, Farm Tours & Presentation Shots
Illinois State Fair -Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorn
Victoriaville – Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Holstein, Jersey
Atlantic Summer Show – Holstein

July 2015
Ontario Summer Show Holstein Cows 2015
Ontario Summer Show Jersey Cows 2015
Ontario Summer Show Jersey Heifers 2015
Illinois Championship Holstein Show 2015
US National Red & White Convention Show 2015
Wisconsin State Ayrshire Show 2015

Wisconsin State Guernsey Show 2015

UK Livestock Event Ayrshire Show 2015
UK Livestock Event Brown Swiss Show 2015

UK Livestock British Friesian Show 2015
UK Livestock Event Guernsey Show 2015
UK Livestock Event Holstein Show 2015

UK Livestock Event Jersey Show 2015

Morris Manitoba Show 2015
Ontario Summer Holstein Heifers 2015
Wisconsin State Championship Holstein Show (Reds & Blacks)

June 2015

Alberta Dairy Congress Red & White, B&W Holstein & Peewees
National Milking Shorthorn Junior Heifer Show

May 2015

Western Spring National-Cows
Western Spring National-Heifers
Western Spring National-Red & Whites

April 2015

Midwest Spring National-Cows
Wisconsin Spring Red & White Show-Cows
Wisconsin Spring Red & White Show-Heifers
California Spring Holstein Show
California Spring Red & White Show
California Spring Jersey Show
California Spring Show Candids
Manitoba Spring Holstein Show – Cows
Manitoba Spring Holstein Show – Heifers
Ontario Spring Discovery Show-Jersey Heifers
Ontario Spring Discovery Show-Jersey Cows
Ontario Spring Discovery -Holstein Cows
Ontario Spring Discovery – Holstein Hfrs
Quebec Spring Show – Brown Swiss
Quebec Spring Show – Ayrshire
Quebec Spring Show – Jersey
Quebec Spring Show- Red & White Holstein
Quebec Spring Show-BW Holstein Cows
Quebec Spring Show- Holstein Heifers
Atlantic Spring Show Holstein Cows
Atlantic Spring Show Holstein Heifers
New York Spring Show Brown Swiss
New York Spring Show Jersey Cows
New York Spring Show Jersey Heifers
New York Spring Show Holstein Cows
New York Spring Show Holstein Heifers
New York Spring Show Milking Shorthorns
New York Spring Show Red & White Cows
New York Spring Show Red & White Heifers
Sydney Royal – Jerseys
Sydney Royal – Holsteins
Sydney Royal – Supreme

March 2015

Expo Bulle Holstein Holstein
Expo Bulle Red Holstein
BC Holstein Spring show

Calgary Dairy Classic Holsteins & Jerseys
UK Dairy Expo Ayrshire
UK Dairy Expo Brown Swiss
UK Dairy Expo Holstein
UK Dairy Expo Jersey
UK Dairy Expo Milking Shorthorn
UK Dairy Expo R&W Holstein

February 2015

Montichiari Holstein
Montichiari Brown Swiss

January 2015

Swiss Expo Holstein Senior Cows
Swiss Expo Holstein Intermediate Cows
Swiss Expo Holstein Heifers
Swiss Expo Holstein Red & White Senior Cows
Swiss Expo Holstein Red & White Int Cows
Swiss Expo Holstein Red & White Heifers
Swiss Expo Brown Swiss Cows
Swiss Expo Brown Swiss Heifers

Swiss Expo Jerseys

Dec 2014
Agriscot Ayrshire 2014
Agriscot Candids 2014


Photo Archives 2012, 2013 & Jan – Sept 2014

-2012 TD Classic & Royal Winter Fair photos both candids and presentations shots online here
2012 All Photo Archives
2013 TD Classic & Royal Winter Fair photos both candids & presentations online here
January- Dec 2013 All Photo Archives
– January- Sept 2014 archives

October – December 2014


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