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Zoetis ‘Honor Your Dairy Vet’ Campaign Seeks Dairy Veterinarian Recognition and Gives Back

The mental health and well-being of veterinarians has become one of the most important topics to trend in the dairy community in recent months, as veterinarian suicides have been on the rise.

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Zoetis encourages dairy industry members to help raise awareness and funds to support the dairy veterinarians who hold a unique bond and tireless dedication for protecting and caring for cattle. Participants have the opportunity to recognize and nominate dairy veterinarians in their life for a chance to receive a personalized jacket.

For every nomination, Zoetis will donate to Not One More Vet — a nonprofit organization of 32,000 members that helps veterinarian professionals and students struggling with mental health and wellness, or considering suicide, through education, resources and support.

Here’s how the Zoetis Honor Your Dairy Vet campaign works:

Step 1: Nominate your dairy veterinarian or veterinarians
Zoetis is asking participants to visit Honor Dairy Vets through June 30 to submit a nomination for a dairy or cattle mixed practicing veterinarian who has skipped dinner to help pull a calf; who leaves the farm with a sore shoulder after fixing a displaced abomasum; or who is special to them, their family and their cows. You can nominate as many veterinarians as you’d like — and each unique veterinarian you nominate is entered for a chance to be selected.

Step 2: Zoetis Donates
For every nomination, Zoetis will donate $5 to NOMV, up to $10,000. The more veterinarians you recognize and celebrate, the more Zoetis donates.

Step 3: Selected veterinarians get a personalized jacket
Each week in June, there will be three dairy and cattle mixed practicing veterinarians randomly selected to receive a personalized weatherproof jacket that is great to use while visiting farms.

Zoetis is asking for your help and participation in this campaign — because losing one more veterinarian is one too many. To get involved, visit Honor Dairy Vets website or follow along on the Dairy Wellness Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Source: AgriNews

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