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You’re invited to the 15th Annual Northeast Regional Dairy Challenge

More than 120 students from 13 colleges and universities across the northeast and Canada are expected to attend the 2017 Northeast Regional Dairy Challenge. The three- day event is a hands-on educational opportunity to prepare students for careers in the dairy industry. We would like to invite you to join students as they learn more about Dairy Challenge and what it takes to compete in the challenge. Please reach out to publicity co-chairs for location details and to confirm your interest in attending this event by October 24.

Sara Kitchen                                                          Rebecca Shaw
Northeast NAIDC Publicity Co-Chair                   Northeast NAIDC Publicity Co-Chair 717-675-0199 (cell)                                                                       814-327-4422 (cell)
570-441-1973 (cell)                                               [email protected] [email protected]

WHAT: Northeast Regional Dairy Challenge Hiring Event and Facility Tour

WHEN: October 27, 2017 || 5:30 – 6:30

At this event, Dan Simmons of Continental Search and Outplacement, Inc., will lead an educational and interactive workshop that focuses on recruiting and retailing employees in the dairy industry and will provide local producers, event sponsors and students an opportunity to network. Students will have an opportunity to network with potential employers. Attendees will be able to tour Sunnyside Dairy’s new, state-of-the-art milking facilities.

About Dairy Challenge
NAIDC is an innovative event for students in dairy programs at North American post- secondary institutions. Its mission is to develop tomorrow’s dairy leaders and enhance progress of the dairy industry by providing education, communication and networking among students, producers, and agribusiness and university personnel. Over its 16-year national history, Dairy Challenge has helped prepare more than 5,000 students for careers as farm owners and managers, consultants, researchers, veterinarians or other dairy professionals.
The Northeast Regional Dairy Challenge is designed to create an educational environment and facilitate a real-world dairy evaluation. To accomplish this, students are placed on mixed-university teams. The Dairy Challenge strives to incorporate a higher- learning atmosphere with practical application to help prepare students for a variety of careers in the dairy industry.
For more information,
visit Dairy Challenge or their Facebook page.

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