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World Dairy Expo Alert and Resources for Unwanted Interviews

As the 55th World Dairy Expo (WDE) approaches and we convene in Madison, Wisconsin to celebrate all things dairy it’s important to discuss potential conflicting interests that may occur.

Dairy-Farmers-of-Wisconsin-Organizations and activists often take opportunities like WDE to exploit their messages. Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin recommends that you politely decline interviews/usage of images and share a positive message such as:

  • I’m a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer and I love real dairy milk.
  • Dairy milk is good for you, our communities, and our planet.
  • I’m a proud Wisconsin Dairy Farmer and I care for my cows, often feeding and caring for them before I feed myself.

It is not recommended to say, “No comment.” You can always direct people to the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin booth EH3403/3404 or the World Dairy Expo staff. If a situation presents itself on your farm, at a gathering, or in public, we have several resources you can refer to:

Spokesperson Resource Center- Stay up to date with your interview skills by referencing the documents and videos within the Spokesperson Resource Center on Once your request for access has been granted, review materials often to refresh your skills and ensure your message is clear, concise, and consistent.

Contact DFW Directly-
Brenda Murphy – 608.575.1525 – [email protected]
Tina Peterson – 608.577.6842 – [email protected]
Vicki Janisch – 608.444.7516 – [email protected]
DFW Main Office – 608.836.8820 – [email protected]

It’s important to put forth a positive voice for our dairy industry and represent the fantastic producers, processors and industry stakeholders. Remember that all groups should be seeking a model or image release form if they take your photo or record your comments. They cannot use your likeness without your written permission. It’s not uncommon for individuals to use cell phones for “undercover videos,” so be vigilant and aware of your actions and words.

We wish you a successful WDE, and as always, DFW is here for you should you need assistance.


Provided by Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

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