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World-Class Speakers from 6 Countries take the stage at the 2014 Canadian Dairy XPO

(Stratford, Ontario)  Take a trip around the world – or come to Stratford Ontario Canada this February! 

Travelling from up to 6000 miles away, speakers from around the globe will educate Canadian dairy producers, as part of the Maizex Dairy Classroom program at the 2014 Canadian Dairy XPO (CDX).

The question of whether a strong educational program can compete with a large scale tradeshow was answered at the inaugural CDX in 2013. Seating for 400 was packed with standing room only; CDX Founder & GM Jordon Underhill attributes this to the quality of speakers and international appeal. “CDX has a focussed mandate through our Dairy Classroom program to host the highest level of dairy type speakers on the planet” states Underhill. “With the generous support from Maizex for the 2014 program, I believe we have succeeded in fulfilling our mandate.”

Speakers from 6 countries, including Canada, will take the stage both days of the XPO. The Maizex Dairy Classroom will be equipped with surround sound, 2 jumbo screens, seating for 500+ and full French translation services. Andrew Dellava, Marketing Manager for Hoards Dairyman, will again be returning as the honourable MC for the 2-day program. “We saw dairy producers, industry and media attend the program in 2013 and the coverage post CDX was exceptional” says Andy. “Generally speaking, dairy producers in Canada are viewed by their American producer counterparts as being early adopters of innovation and hungry for knowledge.”

Branded the Maizex Dairy Classroom, attending dairy producers can now see speakers both days from 10am – 2pm. Maizex saw the elite Dairy Classroom program as a way to give back to the vibrant Canadian dairy industry. “We like the fact that the education program is included in the price of general admission for attending producers. When you look at the distance these speakers are traveling and their experience and expertise, the value proposition is second to none” states Maizex President Dave Baute. “Please take the time to attend a portion of the program, as this calibre of speakers may never be in the same country and under the same roof again.”

The stage will also host the highly anticipated Global Dairy Summit Meeting, an international panel of progressive dairy producers from around the planet discussing global dairy trends and management solutions, while interacting and answering questions from Canadian producers in attendance. This portion of the program is proudly supported by Shur-Gain / Nutreco, who has again stepped up to support knowledge transfer at CDX.

The full speaker line-up can be found on the CDX website or download the new Maizex Dairy Classroom app, powered by Alltech. Alltech will also be live streaming the entire program on the CDX dairy channel via the Alltech Ag Network. Alltech Ag Network is a great portal to catch a speaker you may have missed on a particular day.

Maizex Dairy Classroom Speaker Line-UP 

(February 5th) DAY 1 THEME “Heifer Creation, Health and Development” 

9:50am – 10:00am Jordon Underhill (CDX) & Andy Dellava (Hoards Dairyman and MC) Welcome & launch of the Pride In Dairy video 

10:00am – 11:00am Andrew Hunt; Toronto, Ontario (Founder, Owner The Bullvine and Inbound Sales Network) “Like ME or leave ME” The Bullvine Bottom Line on selective mating to produce a durable, high production, working female! (Sponsored by: The Bullvine) 

11:00am – 12:00pm Juan Moreno; Navasota, Texas (co-CEO Sexing Technologies) semen sexing and cloning for elite dairy daughters (Sponsored by: Sexing Technologies) 

12:00pm – 1:00pm Markus Straub; Gerwigstr, Germany (Head of Procurement and Sales, Forster Technik) automated calf feeding and group housing (Sponsored by: Grober Animal Nutrition) 

1:00pm – 2:00pm Joep Driessen; Bergharen, Netherlands (Founder of Cowsignals) YoungStock Signals workshop (Sponsored by: Agribrands Purina) 

(February 6th) DAY 2 THEME “A Global Dairy Perspective!” 

9:50am – 10:00am Jordon Underhill (CDX) & Andy Dellava (Hoards Dairyman and MC) Welcome & launch of the Pride In Dairy video 

10:00am – 11:00am Joep Driessen; Bergharen, Netherlands (Founder of Cowsignals) RobotSignals workshop (Sponsored by: Agribrands Purina) 

11:00am – 12:00pm Bram Prins; Ten Boer, Netherlands (Founder, Global Dairy Farmers) The creation of GDF and Top 5 insider global dairy trends…you need to know! (Sponsored by: GDF) 

12:00pm – 12:30pm Tom Hoogendoorn; Agassiz, BC (Dairy Farmers of Canada, producer ambassador) 

proAction initiative integrated delivery of onfarm programs and our face to the consumer! (Sponsored by: DFC) 

12:30pm – 2:00pm Global Dairy Summit meeting, 5 producers, 5 countries (Sponsored by: Shur-Gain Nutreco Canada) 

Dates for the 2014 Canadian Dairy XPO are Wednesday Feb 5th and Thursday Feb 6th – held at the Stratford Rotary Complex, in Stratford Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit or contact Marketing & Media Manager, Donna Powell at 226-381-0282 Ext #4.


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