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Wisconsin Milk Production Increases 6 Percent

In December 2012, Wisconsin milk production rose 6 percent to 2.34 billion pounds. Milk per cow averaged 1,845 pounds, up 90 pounds from last year. There were 1.27 million milk cows in the state during December. This was down 1,000 from last month, but up 5,000 from last year. As of January 1, 2013, Wisconsin had 11,155 licensed milk cow herds, down 20 from last month and down 606 from January 2012.

Total milk production in the 23 major states was 15.7 billion pounds in December. This was an increase of 2 percent over the previous year. Production per cow rose to 1,848, a 30 pound increase from last December. The number of milk cows in the major states totaled 8.49 million head, 16,000 more than last month and 5,000 more than last year.

Fifteen of the major milk producing states had higher production when compared with last year, 5 had lower production, and 3 were unchanged. Production was up 6 percent in both Michigan and Wisconsin. Michigan had 7,000 more cows than a year ago, and their milk per cow rate was up 4 percent. Minnesota and New York both had a 4 percent rise in production when compared with last December. On the other hand, production in California declined 2 percent due to a drop in milk per cow. Texas had a 1 percent decrease in production.











Source: Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation


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