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WI Junior State Fair Updates Ownership and Managerial Requirements for 2016

Wisconsin State Fair officials are excited to announce an update to rules and regulations for youth exhibitors in the Junior dairy, beef, swine, sheep and goat departments. Existing ownership and managerial program rules have been updated to reflect the changing dynamics of farms and exhibitors.
Beginning in 2016 there will no longer be ownership date deadlines or specific name requirements for exhibitors entering and showing registered animals in the junior breeding stock shows and all non-market animal shows.

The updated ownership verbiage eliminates the formal Wisconsin State Fair managerial paper submission and any previous registration transfer dates. Junior exhibitors must submit Fair entries by the June 1 entry deadline online at http://wistatefair.com/competitions/junior-livestock/ or by mailing a paper entry postmarked June 1 or before. Please note: for 2016 there will be only be one entry deadline date for mailed and online entries at regular fees (June 1). Late entries will be accepted for additional fees through June 8.
Also, youth will now be required to list a potential substitution entry for each animal entered at the time of entry, in case the official animal entered is unable to be exhibited at the annual Fair. Substitutions will only be allowed from animals declared as such on initial entry.

“It is our intent to make the process of entering and exhibiting at the Wisconsin State Fair more inclusive,” said Brian Bolan, Wisconsin State Fair Agriculture and Youth Programs Director. “Although existing ownership and managerial rules were similar to industry standards, we felt a great amount of time was being spent on determining who owned an entry or submitting an official managerial document for breeding stock. We believe these program updates will make it easier for youth to participate with their breeding animal projects without the hassle of ownership deadlines and managerial documentation.”

Additional 2016 entry and schedule information will be available beginning in late January at http://wistatefair.com/competitions/junior-livestock/ or by contacting the Wisconsin State Fair Agriculture Department at [email protected]

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