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Westgen Announces the Launch of Canada’s First Advanced Reproduction Centre

On October 30th, WestGen announced the launch of Canada’s first Advanced Reproduction Centre. This new innovative company is focused on advanced reproductive solutions to enhance profitability for dairy producers in Western Canada. Leveraging WestGen’s partnerships with Boviteq, a world leader in reproduction technologies and Bow Valley Genetics, a leader in reproductive solutions, allows the ARC to offer exclusive access to the latest and most advanced technologies in the world.

This Western Canadian farmer owned company will operate initially from three sites and will offer easier access for dairy producers across all four Western provinces.

The ARC changes the conversation and bridges the gap between a Genetic plan and realizing the full genetic potential within a herd. It is well known to producers that multiplication of elite genetics is proven to be a safe commercially viable strategy to enhance profitability.

The ARC will provide solutions to enable producers to increase the return on the elite genetics in their herds through traditional and new advanced technologies, as they become available. The combination of decades of experience, strategic planning and technology advancement will deliver the most comprehensive solutions for dairy producers.

Contact us at The ARC at: [email protected] or 1.800.657.5613

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