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Western Field Territories Realigned for USJersey Organizations

Neal Smith, Executive Secretary and CEO of the American Jersey Cattle Association and National All-Jersey Inc., recently announced changes in the western area representative territories.

Effective January 1, 2022, Seth Israelsen and Rylee McCown have acquired additional states to their designated areas formerly covered by Flint Richards.

Rylee will add Oregon and Washington to her current states of Arizona and California, while Seth will include western Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Montana and Wyoming to his existing territory of California, Idaho and Nevada. The two will provide full-time on-farm service to these herds marketing products and services of the USJersey organizations.

Israelsen joined the USJersey staff in 2015. He has a Masters of Business Administration from Utah State University and earned a B.S. in marketing with a Latin American studies and Spanish minor at the same institution.

McCown has worked with the USJersey organizations since December 2020, upon her graduation from Chico State with a Masters in Agriculture Education. She earned her B.S. in animal science from the same school.

The American Jersey Cattle Association, organized in 1868, compiles and maintains animal identification and performance data on Jersey cattle and provides services that support genetic improvement and greater profitability through increasing the value of and demand for Registered Jersey™ cattle and genetics. National All-Jersey, formed in 1957, works to increase the value of and demand for Jersey milk and to promote equity in milk pricing. For more information about services offered by AJCA and NAJ, visit USJersey.com or connect on Facebook at USJersey.

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