Western Dairy Seminar 2016 – Cowsmo

Western Dairy Seminar 2016

Great week at the Western Dairy Seminar!  Seminars throughout the week included management, nutrition and industry aspects.  Topics included

Pre Conference tour- Getting ahead with optimal cow comfort – Boosting
consumer confidence and maximizing the bottom line.

The European Dairy Industry Post Supply
Management – Albert Jan Maat, LTO Nederland
(Dutch Federation of Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations)

GMO’s – Food Supply Saviour or the Devil in Disguise? – Margaret Smith, Cornell University

Antibiotic Resistance in Humans – Does Animal Agriculture Contribute to the Problems? – Tim McAllister, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

Avoiding Silage Problems – Richard Muck, USDA, Agricultural Research Service (retired)

Feeding the Fresh Cow: What is the Ideal Carbohydrate Mix? – Heather Dann, Miner

The Relationship Between NDF Digestibility and Animal Performance – David Combs, University of Wisconsin

Something to Ruminate on … Why we should Watch Cows Chew – Trevor DeVries, University of Guelph

Student Research Presentation Competition -Four graduate students will be presenting their latest dairy-related research findings and taking
questions from the audience.

Dairy Farming Across Canada – Producer Panel Three diary producers will discuss their different management styles, including the challenges and successes of their different operations

The Dairy Processor’s Role in Promoting Animal Welfare – Warren Skippon, Saputo

Promoting Animal Welfare – An IndustryPerspective – David Wiens, Dairy Farmers of Canada

Strategies to Get the Truth about Dairying to Consumers – Julaine Treur, Creekside Dairy

Stakeholder views, including the public, on Dairy Cattle Welfare – Marina von Keyserlingk

Reproduction-Nutrition Interactions
The Role of Glucose in Dairy Cattle Reproduction – Matthew Lucy, University of Missouri

Can Feeding Fats Improve Reproductive Performance in Dairy Cows? – Divakar
Ambrose, Alberta Agriculture & Forestry

The Importance of BCS Management to Cow Welfare, Performance and Fertility – James Drackley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Influence of Dietary Protein and Amino Acids on Reproduction in Dairy Cows – Peter Hansen,University of Florida

Align Your Precision Dairy Robot System with Your Goals – Ben Smink, Lely North America

Is Automated Calf Feeding Right for Your Farm? –Marcia Endres, University of Minnesota

The Past, Present and Future of Footbaths in Alberta – Karin Orsel, University of Calgary, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
What’s New in Controlling Digital Dermatitis? –Dörte Döpfer, University of Wisconsin

Transition Cow Management -Mechanisms Linking Postpartum Metabolism with Reproduction – Matthew Lucy, University of Missouri
What Can be Learned from TMR Audits On-Farm? – Tom Oelberg, Diamond V

Diagnosing Trace Mineral Deficiencies in Transition Cows – Brent Hoff, University ofGuelph

Protein and Amino Acid Requirements of the Close-up Dry Cow – Robert Van Saun, Pennsylvania State University

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